Congratulations to DKE(Fuyong)on the successful mass production of the first fully automatic electronic paper production line

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Author : DKE
Update time : 2022-12-05 11:11:35
On December 2,2022,the mass production ceremony of the first fully automatic e-paper production line of Zhejiang Fuyong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.was successfully held.Vice President Wen Shifeng,Vice President Wang Wenliang and other company leaders and project staff attended the ceremony to witness this milestone moment of leapfrog development.

At the ceremony,Wen Shifeng,vice president of DKE Oriental Branch,first reported the mass production of the first automated production line in Fuyong,reported the construction,lighting and mass production planning of the project production line,and looked forward to the early mass delivery of the electronic paper display module products produced by the mass production line.

Zhejiang Fuyong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.fully automatic electronic paper production line project in October 2022,the first batch of equipment smoothly into the site,despite the impact of the epidemic,but the team overcome various difficulties,under the joint efforts of various parties,completed the project production line construction,cleaning,equipment moving in,commissioning and other work on time,officially realized mass production today.The production line has reached a good level of international peers in terms of construction,trial production climbing speed and expected production speed.In the future,we will continue to strive for the double goals of improving yield and capacity,and make every effort to promote the project to achieve fast production and fast efficiency.

Project site,clean and tidy production workshop,new automated production equipment and production line......The staff is working in an orderly manner.
Wen Shifeng,Vice President of DKE Oriental Branch,said,"The achievement of each project is inseparable from the extensive work preparation,rehearsal and efforts of everyone in the early stage.We believe that we can achieve better results in the future production capacity and yield climbing process.The successful mass production of Fuyong automatic e-paper production line will further expand the company's e-paper technology reserve and capacity scale,which is of great significance for enhancing the comprehensive strength of Orient Vein,accelerating the growth of enabling industry terminal application market,and promoting industrial development."

As the headquarters base and R&D manufacturing center of DKE Orient,Zhejiang Fuyong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.will further combine the location advantage of DKE in the core area of Yangtze River Delta with other subsidiary e-paper production lines to form aggregation effect and drive the development of e-paper industrial cluster and intelligent industrial manufacturing,digital transformation and upgrading.
In the future,with the continuous release of the capacity of Fuyong Technology and the advantages of the group's production line layout,technology research and development,global operation and the expansion of new market areas,DKE Oriental Vein's comprehensive strength and competitiveness will be further enhanced.In the next step,we will focus on the R&D and production of color e-paper and flexible large-size e-paper display,lead the development of the industry with a new product portfolio,help customers and partners to achieve new breakthroughs in the field of application,and make full use of the accumulated capabilities and advantages for the vigorous development of the e-paper industry.
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