DKE E-paper factory project is about to be completed

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Update time : 2022-06-27 14:36:22

Recently,fuyong electronic paper Factory project,the world's largest electronic paper industrial base created by Zhejiang Oriental Kemai Electronics Co.,LTD.,has entered the purification and decoration stage,and is about to be completed.

Purification workshop project started smoothly

At 10:58 in the morning of June 21,the commencement ceremony of purification workshop project of Fuyong Electronic Technology Co.,LTD was held.President Zhou Aijun,Vice President Wang Wenliang,vice president Wen Shifeng and other company leaders and project leaders of Zhejiang Oriental Kemai Electronics Co.,LTD attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

Zhou Aijun,president of Zhejiang Electronics Co.,LTD.,introduced the main construction content and general situation of the project to the leaders and guests present,and gave full trust and affirmation to the cooperation between the two parties.

Wonderful review of the project history

Starting from May 10,2021,the foundation of Fuyong Electronic Paper Factory project was officially laid,lasting 263 days,and the main structure was completely and smoothly capped on January 28,2022.

Since the project started construction one year ago,we have been doing our best to catch up with the construction period and progress.At present,the purification and decoration of no.1 workshop,interior decoration,landscaping,road facilities construction and other projects are being promoted in an overall efficient and orderly way.

In the next stage,in order to ensure the construction progress of the project site,the project department will make every effort to overcome the adverse impact caused by the repeated epidemic,strengthen epidemic prevention and control,consolidate the existing personnel,organize regular safety inspection,strictly control on-site risks,and ensure the construction progress to be completed on time.

Wen Shifeng,vice president of Zhejiang Oriental Kemai Electronics Co.,LTD.,said,"With the strong support of the Xitang Town government and various departments of Jiashan County,important elements of the project such as manpower and materials have been guaranteed,and the construction is progressing smoothly.Going forward,we will stick to both epidemic prevention and control and the construction of the project,and speed up the progress.We plan to complete the project by the end of July."

As the headquarters base and r&d and manufacturing center of DKE Oriental Kemai,Fuyong Electronic paper Factory project is another important layout for DKE to realize industrial upgrading.Upon completion and delivery of the project,the production capacity and competitiveness of DKE Oriental Kemai will be greatly enhanced,leading the industry in terms of products,technologies,processes and efficiency,and promoting the development of electronic paper industry to a new level.

Project introduction of Fuyong electronic paper Factory

DKE Fuyong Electronic Paper Factory project is located in Xitang Town,Jiashan County,Jiaxing City,Zhejiang Province.The project was approved in March 2021 with a total investment of 1 billion yuan,covering an area of 90 mu and a total construction area of 100,000 square meters.With reference to the design concept of industry 4.0 smart factory,we will build an intelligent,digital and green factory,and construct and layout 100 electronic paper production lines.The production lines are planned to be completed by the end of 2025.

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