DKE Pulse appeared at China(Jiaxing)Industrial Equipment Expo 2022

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Update time : 2022-11-29 16:22:06
From November 23 to 25,2022,under the joint guidance of Jiaxing Municipal Government and Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology,the 2022 China(Jiaxing)Industrial Equipment Expo and Yangtze River Delta International New Energy Expo with the theme of"Intelligent Jiaxing Enabling Development"was held.Zhejiang Dongfang Kemai Electronics Co.,LTD.,as a high-quality emerging manufacturing and technology-based enterprise,was invited to participate in the exhibition and gather together with many advanced enterprises to explore the future of industrial digitalization and sustainable development.

Manufacturing is an important tool of the country,and digitalization and intelligence are the key features of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation,and also the inevitable trend of manufacturing innovation and development.Coupled with the proposed double carbon target,"green and low carbon"has become the new coordinate of high-quality development of enterprises.
In the face of development needs and opportunities,as a manufacturing service provider of new electronic paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things,DKE Orient has actively responded to the national strategy of"Made in China 2025",followed the trend of digital,intelligent and green development of the fourth industrial revolution,and is committed to continuous optimization and continuous improvement in the research and development and manufacturing of electronic paper products.Thus,it can accelerate the dual transformation of industrial digitalization and green low-carbon,and help Jiaxing's manufacturing industry develop.

At the exhibition site,DKE staff enthusiastically introduced the company's e-paper products,technology,application,R&D and manufacturing advantages to the leaders and visitors of Jiaxing City who attended the exhibition,and let the audience know the history and development of DKE at close range.The scene was warmly received.

As the representative enterprise of intelligent manufacturing in Jiaxing,Dongfang Komai values the huge potential of Jiaxing in the development of industrial manufacturing.It has planned the layout in advance and established the headquarters manufacturing base-Fuyong Electronic Paper Factory project in May 2021 to accelerate the pace of regional industrial upgrading.

The project has a total investment of 1.004 billion yuan and covers an area of 90 mu.With reference to the design concept of Industry 4.0 smart factory,it has built an intelligent,digital and green chemical plant,and built and distributed 100 electronic paper production lines.After the completion of the Fuyong Project,it will take high-quality development as the goal and innovation-driven as the core,effectively drive the industrial chain cluster through its own industrial advantages,so as to promote the integrated development of intelligent and digital technology and manufacturing industry,and help Jiaxing industrial industry to realize the practical value of transformation and upgrading.
In this exhibition,DKE won the favor of visitors with its product strength,brand image and leading technology in the field of e-paper.In the main forum"2022 Yangtze River Delta(Jiaxing)Green,low-carbon and High-quality Development Forum"held at the same time as the exhibition,In-depth communication with Jiaxing municipal government,institutions,industry experts and representatives of industrial enterprises was conducted to explore the future of digital industry development in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt and jointly expand the intelligent development of regional industry.
In the future,DKE will keep up with the pace of The Times,seize development opportunities,take technological innovation as the lead,industrial breakthrough as the engine,continue to deepen the e-paper industry to develop intelligent,digital,green transformation and upgrading,and cooperate with upstream and downstream partners to continue to provide the most advantageous and innovative products and technologies for global customers.Jointly make positive contributions to the development of manufacturing industry in the green and low-carbon era.
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