"Light pollution"treatment into the law for the first time,e-paper display to boost outdoor advertising green low-carbon transformation

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Update time : 2022-09-26 16:56:06
In recent years,the influence of"light pollution"and"high energy consumption"caused by excessive exposure of urban light sources such as outdoor billboards and landscape lighting has become increasingly prominent.Recently,Shanghai's newly revised"Shanghai Environmental Protection Regulations"officially went into effect,China's first official"light pollution"control law.
LED billboards'Light pollution''High energy consumption'
Cracking the"light pollution"environmental problem is a major focus of the revision of Shanghai regulations.Light pollution is not only a serious health hazard,but also a huge waste of energy.The countries seriously affected by light pollution are mainly Europe,America,China and Japan.
LED billboard energy waste problem
In the past 2021,as a major energy consumer in China,due to the shortage of coal power supply and demand,the power gap is very large,some provinces once adopted power cuts to factories and residents,affecting industrial production and residents'life.

In September 2022,Germany's economy ministry set new rules,starting this month LED billboards across Germany can only operate for six hours a day,the implementation of the decree is expected to reduce energy consumption by 2%.

LED billboards in the United States have been pointed out to consume 30 to 46 times as much energy as the average American home throughout the day,and the American Outdoor Advertising Association has called for reducing the power consumption of digital billboards by five-sixths.
Health and environmental hazards caused by light pollution

Light pollution can also interfere with sleep cycles and reduce the body's immune system,and multiple studies have linked long-term exposure to light pollution to an increased risk of cancer.
Light pollution also has a great impact on the environment.For example,the physiological of plants is disrupted,photosynthesis is weakened,and oxygen release is reduced.Insects and birds are disoriented by the light source,and fly against the light source and die,resulting in the disappearance of the ecosystem.
E-paper billboards'energy free'and'more colorful'
Based on electronic paper display can not only provide rich color display effect,but also have paper-like reading experience outdoors.It can also use ambient light to greatly reduce energy consumption and reduce power use.At present,electronic paper billboards have been widely used.

E-paper billboards can manage the content of advertising campaigns in real time online,plan and formulate layout styles,and obtain detailed statistical data from the management software to reduce energy consumption and improve operational efficiency at the same time.

As a manufacturing service provider of new e-paper display technology in the Internet of Things field,DKE Oriental Komet is also committed to constantly enriching the application scope of e-paper products and technologies.According to different e-paper technologies required by different wisdom scenarios,DKE creates intelligent and environmentally friendly e-paper products.

Such as DKE standard dot matrix series,four-color series and N Color series of large-size electronic paper display,are suitable for the application of outdoor billboard products,can display a variety of colors,high contrast,high reflectance content display,power consumption compared with LED display has obvious performance advantages,And larger display size requirements can be achieved by combining multiple e-paper displays together.
In the era of low carbon environmental protection is the theme of today,with continuous color electronic paper technology breakthrough,DKE east branch vein will continue to play the advantages of electronic paper manufacturing,constantly promote various series large size electronic paper products application,realize the electronic paper characteristics and value at the same time,promoting urban digital advertising more sustainable development of low carbon environmental protection.
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