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In all kinds of IoT application scenarios,such as retail stores,logistics and warehousing,industrial manufacturing,transportation,etc.,all kinds of intelligent terminal links are needed to achieve the true IoT.Display terminal is the basic guarantee of these Internet of Things terminals,and ultra-low power consumption is an important indicator of Internet of Things devices.For many consumers,no one notices it exists and brands often underestimate its value.But e-paper displays are having an unexpected impact on IoT terminals.

Anja Zierler,journalist of Markt&Technik,the most authoritative media magazine in the electronics industry in Germany,had an in-depth discussion on e-paper displays with Mr.Zhou Aijun,President of Dalian DKE Co.,Ltd.Mr.Zhou Aijun shared his years of experience and stories in the display industry without any reservations.

After ten years of hard work,we will grow steadily

East branch vein was founded in 2005,more than 10 years of development,the east branch vein become one of the main contenders e-paper display market segments,in dalian and jiashan respectively built two electronic paper display production base,the east branch vein at the same time of continuous deep electronic paper display technology,also launched a new electronic paper display products to meet market demand continues to advance,Thanks to our loyal customers who have been supporting us,let us constantly improve the quality and grow!

A keen sense of smell,discover the blue ocean

When I went abroad to attend an exhibition,I found that the paper price tags of many retailers had been replaced by new display materials such as liquid crystal.After multiple investigation,I found the pain points of the market.With the keen sense of smell of businessmen,I found the blue ocean of electronic paper display in the field of Internet of Things.When talking about his experience in the electronic paper display industry,Mr.Zhou Aijun recalled the past of cooperation with E Ink.It has been nearly 10 years since the beginning of technical research and development.E Ink is one of our important strategic partners.

Technology research and development to fill the market gap

In the stage of market development,every enterprise will experience hardships all the way.During the years of entering into the market,our team has felt the limitations of the existing products for many times.Faced with the growing customer demand,it is difficult to fully meet the customers.The company has increased its R&D investment in the fields of color,customization,large size and so on,and successfully developed”color e-paper”in early 2018,successfully breaking the technical barrier of true color of e-paper.With years of independent research and development,we have accumulated more than 20 electronic paper display patents in the past few years.

Focus on quality&aim at the international market

“No rules difficult to bluewind”,to the quality of our products and the east branch vein r&d team has its principles,and adhere to,we in the beginning of research and development,has been to explore what kind of product should work out a enterprise standard,if you set the bar high,although can have a good and stable product quality,but the resulting high cost and high price,May make it harder to sell the product;If the standard is set too low,it is likely to cause product risks under extreme conditions and unnecessary safety hazards for customers.In the end,Zhou Aijun and his team overcame the domestic concept of cost saving with the advanced foreign standard concept and avoided the hidden trouble of customers’products.

“Cost control is the key factor for all enterprises to consider.We will not increase the cost burden for customers because of the high standard of our products,”said Zhou Aijun,when asked by customers whether high prices will result from high standards.We will guarantee the quality of products on the basis of the development of more types of products to meet the needs of different customers.DKE now has a very rich electronic product line,applied in ESL tags,smart home,instrumentation,smart city,education and other fields in the IoT.

Customized services,covering the whole field

Ai-jun zhou believes that the future development of electronic paper industry will tend to be customized services,east branch vein will according to the actual needs of brand enterprises,to tailor the most suitable for the electronic paper display plan,participate in discussions when the customer product design,know the real needs of customers products,can really perfect display solutions for customers.Zhou Aijun gives an example:”In recent years,the customer value and actively participate in energy conservation and environmental protection,and carbon emissions,we as a German smart home solutions company providing customized paper display,replaced the traditional LCD display for customized special electronic paper display,not only to make the customer product more beautiful thin still reduce the light pollution of traditional products,Furthermore,the power consumption of the whole product is reduced by more than 90%.This makes the entire customer’s products more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.”

Future”Made in China”

At present,DKE with its strong technical research and development team and modern manufacturing plants,at any time to provide customers with stable and efficient technical support and products,as well as fast after-sales service.Zhou Aijun revealed:”In 2019,DKE has upgraded the factory and equipment in an all-round way according to the requirements of international quality system standards.Meanwhile,the R&D center of Jiashan factory is about to be put into use.

In the face of both opportunities and challenges, Lab has made full preparations.In the near future,e-paper displays will be widely used in the fields of Internet of Things such as education,medical care and smart city,and more Internet of Things markets will be covered.In the future,DKE has both the ability and the strength.While continuing to expand the electronic paper market,DKE will actively respond to the call of national scientific and technological innovation,adhere to independent innovation and constantly invest technology,capital and talents in product research and development and innovation,so as to achieve”Made in China”to”Made in China”.

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