New Year consumption recovery recovery electronic paper displays help digital RMB application scenarios continue to expand

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Update time : 2023-01-09 17:07:35
In recent years,with the promotion and popularization of the digital RMB pilot,the relevant application products are increasingly rich and the usage scenarios are constantly deepened.
Digital yuan to boost post-COVID-19 economic growth
As the 2023 Spring Festival approaches,several platforms and local governments are handing out digital renminbi red envelopes and spending vouchers to boost consumption and support industries previously affected by the pandemic.

So far,the digital RMB pilot promotion has formed 26 pilot areas in 17 provinces and cities.At the beginning of 2023,the pilot will be extended to Guangdong,Jiangsu,Hebei and Sichuan provinces as well as Jinan in Shandong Province and Kunming in Yunnan Province.
This time,we will accelerate the popularization of digital RMB in the new pilot areas and distribute red envelopes for consumption in the pilot areas,which will help the recovery of urban consumption and economic development after the epidemic.
The application scenarios of digital currency wallet continue to expand
With the continuous promotion of digital RMB in various pilot cities,the application of digital currency wallet in more diversified scenarios has also achieved new breakthroughs.

Subways in Beijing,Chengdu,Suzhou,Qingdao and Changsha have supported digital RMB ticket payment.Guangzhou Metro recently announced the implementation of digital renminbi applications in the refund of tickets and other scenarios.

Starting from 2023,339 toll booths in 642 lanes of Chongqing Expressway will support the use of digital yuan to pay tolls,according to the Chongqing Expressway Group.

In Zhenning Vegetable Market,Shanghai's digital RMB demonstration market,every household can accept digital RMB payment,which stimulates consumers to make small amounts of consumption and improves their enthusiasm for consumption.
Government affairs:

Suzhou recently issued the country's"first"digital renminbi housing provident fund loan;Shenzhen Tax Department directly uses digital yuan to pay taxes;Hebei,Zhejiang,Jiangsu and other places have launched the digital RMB social security payment service.
Medical treatment:

Digital RMB payment for medical scene has been implemented in Shanghai Tongren Hospital and Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital.In addition to canteen and supermarket consumption,it can be used for diagnosis and treatment payment,physical examination,parking payment and other payment scenes.
Electronic paper displays help unlock the potential of digital currency
With the implementation of digital RMB and the accelerated coverage of application scenarios,it is not only a currency form and payment tool,but also will become a frequent interface medium for the public in the future.
Related digital RMB video card and hardware wallet demand will also be greatly increased,an important part-electronic paper display will also usher in a large increase in application.

Digital RMB wallet uses electronic paper display as the display interface,with ultra-low power consumption,passive and constant display of information in the card after transmission power failure,and with a 180°Angle of view,it can still be clearly visible under direct light,providing consumers with a more convenient,efficient and secure payment choice.
The electronic paper display is made of plastic substrate,the thickness of which is the same as that of ordinary paper.After embedded in the digital RMB wallet,it is thin,soft,strong and durable,making it very light to carry around.

With the promotion of the national digital RMB construction policy,all kinds of scene functions will be further improved and landed.
DKE's 1.54-inch and 2.13-inch dot-matrix electronic paper display products are combined with digital RMB solutions,and can also be embedded with financial IC cards,bus cards,parking cards,membership cards,shopping cards,etc.,to help the digital RMB release the potential of"connectivity"and break the industry payment barriers.For more users to bring technology enabling payment convenient experience.
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