Packaging trend | DKE electronic paper hand in hand to "green", so that the packaging industry contains a lot of "green"

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Update time : 2024-05-30 14:32:41
In the current environment of rapid development of various industries around the world,the packaging industry is ushering in unprecedented opportunities and challenges.Standing in 2024,we look forward to the future trend of the packaging industry,and explore a road of integration of green,intelligent and innovative.
The trend leads environmental protection and green to become the consensus of development
As a member of the application field of logistics terminal e-paper products,DKE Oriental Pulse also pays close attention to the development of the packaging industry,and then follow us to explore it.
1.Environmental protection and sustainability become a consensus
Global environmental problems are increasingly serious,green,environmental protection,sustainable has become the development trend of the industry,to promote the development and application of green packaging technology is imminent.
2.Smart packaging has become a mainstream tool
Smart packaging is gradually becoming the new darling of the packaging industry,through integrated sensors,RFID and other technologies to achieve real-time monitoring and traceability of information,enhance user trust and satisfaction.
3.Innovative packaging to meet diversified market demand
Develop diversified and personalized packaging products,and cooperate with enterprises in various fields to jointly explore innovative packaging design and solutions.
4.Single material is valued
Affected by the development of policies and sustainable concepts,the use of single materials in packaging has been increasingly valued,and the promotion of circular economy has made recyclable materials the key to breaking the situation.
5.Packaging reduction development
Simplifying packaging materials and processes,optimizing packaging structure,and reducing packaging carbon emissions will become an industry-wide consensus.
6.Recyclable packaging
In the context of the dual-carbon era,recyclable packaging,with its advantages in efficiency,sustainability,safety and other aspects,will become an important part of the implementation of sustainable plans in various industries.
7.Packaging recycling and reuse
The recycling and reuse of packaging has become a top priority for environmental protection in various countries,and has also become an important measure for environmental governance.
8.Build a green supply chain
Support packaging enterprises to carry out green design,the selection of green materials,the use of green technology,encourage downstream enterprises to choose green packaging products,to achieve the full life cycle of green packaging products.
9.Perfect green policy incentives
Increase support for green transformation and upgrading of packaging enterprises;Support technology research and development of green design,green recycling and utilization of recycled raw materials for packaging products;Use government green measures to accelerate the promotion of green packaging products,technologies and services.
DKE joins hands to pursue"green"to make the packaging industry full of"green"
Nowadays,China's packaging industry has entered a critical period of development.How to comply with the concept of green and sustainable development of the industry?How to make logistics services safer,smarter and more convenient?How to better adapt to the development needs of circular economy......These problems are also social issues that many enterprises need to think about.

A few days ago,DKE Oriental Kemai,as a pilot unit of express recycling packaging,united Express enterprises launched the"green packaging,express you and me"activity initiative and signed a contract on the spot.

As a manufacturer and service provider of e-paper display technology,DKE is committed to providing ideal e-paper green display solutions for global users,bringing environmental protection,recyclable,digital intelligent innovation results.This time to become a Courier circular packaging pilot unit,will combine the characteristics of different series of electronic paper display and related application scenarios,design and promote a batch of easy to use,green and low-carbon recyclable express packaging terminal application products,joint industry upstream and downstream enterprises and other delivery enterprises,improve the standard application level of recyclable express packaging products.

At the same time,together with e-commerce enterprises and chain supermarkets,promote the use of electronic paper displays in recyclable express packaging,recyclable distribution boxes,reusable refrigerated express boxes in fresh distribution,bulk logistics and other scenarios,reduce the waste of disposable packaging,promote the use of recyclable express packaging scale and proportion,and gradually expand the scope of use.
At the threshold of industry transformation,the significance of the change of DKE's action is not only the express packaging itself,but also the development of the green packaging recycling model that can be replicated and promoted by its own strength.In addition to the packaging box,the express packaging process has become full of"green".
Looking to the future,the packaging industry is ushering in the integration of green,intelligent and innovative road.We will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technology,seize opportunities,actively respond to challenges,promote the sustainable development of the industry,and make greater contributions to the green prosperity of the packaging industry.
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