Retail "carbon" to seek green transformation more "color"

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This past June,the United Nations held a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Conference on the Human Environment to call for urgent action to accelerate the building of sustainable societies,followed by World Environment Day,which renewed the need for greener and more sustainable development.In China,cities are working to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality,and a green and low-carbon model has become the consensus of global development.

As an important part of economic development,the retail industry contributes to promoting green development by applying low-carbon technologies to achieve green operations.

Set scientific carbon targets to build low-carbon stores

In recent years,many leading international retail enterprises have set carbon neutrality(net zero emissions)strategic targets,such as the Swedish chain supermarket"ICA Gruppen"promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per unit area by 70%by 2025;Carrefour has pledged to reduce by 30%in 2030 compared with 2010;Wal-mart pledged to reduce its sales by 15 percent in 2025 compared to 2015.In the future,these international leading retail enterprises will develop and implement low-carbon measures in key links according to the goals and stages,and combine their own characteristics to achieve the goals.

Although different retail enterprises focus on carbon reduction measures according to their own characteristics,electronic price tags can reduce energy consumption,reduce greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions,save capital costs,contribute to energy conservation,emission reduction and green transformation of retail enterprises,and become the industry's preferred low-carbon application technology.

ESL lead retail enterprises in energy conservation and emission reduction

Traditional paper price tags used by retailers consume a lot of paper each year.One A4 paper can make about eight paper price tags,requires 16g of wood,and a single tree weighs about one ton.Take a store with 5,000 paper price tags as an example,changing prices 50 times a year,it will consume 156,250 pieces of A4 paper and cut 2.5 tons of wood in five years.

According to statistics,the total number of physical stores in China is about 40 million,of which 6 million are retail stores.If all retail stores in China use electronic price tags,9.36 million trees will be cut down in five years.Looking at the global market,the wide application of electronic price tag brings low carbon environmental protection value is self-evident.

In addition,the electronic price tag can change the price remotely with one key to replace the traditional paper price tag with the overtime work of employees,which can save the electric energy consumption in the working environment of stores and reduce carbon emissions.

Color Electronic Paper Display"Carbon"search green more"color"

The display color of the electronic price tag of low carbon and environmental protection has been limited to black,white and red or black,white and yellow,and the display effect is relatively simple and clear.

In addition to the existing black,white,red,yellow,and blue,green and orange,DKE Oriental Kemai recently released N Color series full-color electronic paper,can provide 25.3 inches,13.3 inches,7.3 inches,5.65 inches,4.01 inches and other multi-size product combinations,while helping retail enterprises reduce energy consumption.It can meet the needs of more diversified business environment.

N Color series electronic price tag can not only replace the disposable paper price tag,but also can be used in the store poster,the picture is richer,more eye-catching,applied in supermarkets,restaurants,beauty shops,clothing stores and other scenes,will create more publicity value and environmental protection value.

Under the global dual carbon target,the retail industry has ushered in a new opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiency to promote low-carbon transformation.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies,bring more possibilities for the development of electronic price tag market and help retail enterprises to develop green and low-carbon sustainable.

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