The eighth Party Committee(expansion)meeting of Zhejiang Express Industry was successfully held in DKE and issued and signed the proposal of"Green Pac

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Update time : 2024-05-06 15:37:17
On April 26,the eighth Party Committee(expanded)meeting and Party building work site promotion meeting of Zhejiang Express industry was successfully held in DKE Co.,LTD.
Zhejiang Provincial Postal Administration Party Secretary,Director,Zhejiang Provincial express industry Party secretary Wei Zunhong and Zhejiang provincial express industry Party committee member,Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee social work Department leadership,Zhejiang Provincial Postal Administration in charge of leadership,Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Department,Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission,Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department,Zhejiang Provincial Human Security Department,Zhejiang Provincial Construction Department,Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce,Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration,Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Trade unions,Zhejiang Provincial Youth League Committee,Zhejiang Provincial Women's Federation,Zhejiang Provincial Postal Administration Party building instructor(help enterprise attendants),Zhejiang Provincial Express Industry Association chairman unit representative,The Party secretary of the express industry in Zhejiang Province,the member units of the express industry Party committee in Jiaxing are in charge of leadership,the leadership of the Social affairs Department of the county(city and district)committee of Jiaxing,and the head of the party organization of the provincial headquarters of the express enterprise total more than 80 people attended the meeting.

At the meeting,the leaders of the provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department,the provincial Department of Commerce,and the provincial Market Supervision Administration of Zhejiang Express industry Party Committee members respectively introduced their experiences from party building to lead the labor security of express practitioners,help the high-quality development of e-commerce platforms,and accelerate the transformation of express green packaging,and Jiashan Postal Administration Bureau made an exchange of experience in the party building industry.
Green is the base color of high-quality development.For the express delivery industry,green and low-carbon practices are reflected in both express packaging,sorting,warehousing,transportation,end distribution and other links.With the joint efforts of many forces,the green and low-carbon development of the industry can achieve obvious results,and the concept of green development can gradually integrate into the whole process of industry development.

On behalf of the company,Ms.Li Keming,deputy general manager of DKE signed the proposal with the Zhejiang Provincial Headquarters Company of 17 express delivery enterprises including Post,SF Express,ZTO and Fuhai(Zhejiang)Internet of Things Co.,LTD.,jointly issuing that enterprises should adhere to green and low-carbon development and implement the responsibility of ecological environmental protection.The initiative to promote the high-quality development of the express delivery industry to"green".

After the meeting,the leaders of the participants visited the DKE electronic paper industry chain Experience Center.In the Oriental Kemai exhibition hall,we showed the principle and application of e-paper display technology,especially the emerging application scenarios of e-paper logistics turnover label and e-paper storage label in the field of smart logistics as a display medium for intelligent express noodles and express recyclable packaging.

As a manufacturer and service provider of e-paper display technology in the field of Internet of Things,DKE has actively responded to the national dual-carbon strategy in recent years,vigorously practiced the concept of environmental protection and low-carbon development,and provided the most ideal e-paper green display solutions for global customers.In the field of express logistics applications,we have brought a series of green,recyclable and digital smart innovation applications together with e-paper industry partners,and are committed to promoting the rapid development of the express industry in a new direction of green wisdom.

Combining electronic paper display paper,thin and ultra-low power consumption with RFID and other wireless technologies and sensors,the formed electronic sheet can not only improve the efficiency of express shipment processing,but also provide information protection for automatic sorting and reduce the cost of consumables and carbon emissions in packaging and turnover applications in the express industry.To realize the transformation and development of the express delivery industry with green display technology.
The successful holding of the eighth Party Committee(expansion)Conference of the express industry in Zhejiang Province and the signing of the"Green Packaging,Express you and me"initiative activity also pointed out the direction for the future development of DKE Oriental Branch.
At the transition point of the express delivery industry,more and more express delivery companies have turned their attention to relying on continuous investment in science and technology,so as to achieve green innovation.In the future,DKE will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technologies,flexibly combine green and environmentally friendly e-paper display products with upstream and downstream partner solutions,help accelerate the large-scale development of low-consumption,high-efficiency,energy-saving and environmentally friendly green recyclable packaging,and contribute to the"green"express delivery industry!
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