The third"Mutual learning,mutual competition"activity in Jiaxing City entered the project of DKE Fuyong e-Paper Factory

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Update time : 2022-10-31 16:18:22
On October 26,the third"mutual learning,mutual competition"event of 2022 in Jiaxing entered the Fuyong E-Paper Factory project,the headquarters manufacturing base of DKE.

Leaders of Jiaxing City Chen Wei,Gao Linghui,Chen Lizhong,Shuai Xie Lang,leaders of Jiashan County Jiang Haiyang,Zhang Xifeng,Qian Xueqin,Gu Xinyu and others visited the construction and promotion of the project on the spot.President Zhou Aijun,Vice President Wen Shifeng and other company leaders and project personnel of DKE.

At the activity site,Zhou Aijun,president of DKE,made a detailed report to the city and county leaders from the aspects of project overview,project progress,next plan and expected practical results.

The total investment of Fuyong e-paper project is 1.004 billion yuan,covering an area of 90 mu,and the construction and layout of a total of 100 e-paper production lines.After completion,it will have an annual production capacity of 100 million pieces of smart Internet of Things e-paper,and the total output value is expected to reach 10 billion yuan.Since the construction of the project started in May 2021,the investment of 400 million yuan has been completed,the civil engineering is completed,part of the equipment has been put into operation at the end of this month,it is planned to put part of the production line into operation in 2023,and all the production line commissioning construction is completed and put into operation by the end of 2025.

Hearing project report,the jiaxing government at the county level to chung electronic paper plant project steady fast forward in good situation and development prospect to be highly affirmation,and pointed out that"all departments at all levels should always focus on investment projects accurately,completes the whole process of tracking,the whole process of service,give full play to the execution and first-mover advantage promote project ground work.At the same time,project construction should strengthen responsibility,create high-quality projects with ingenuity,improve the quality and attractiveness of projects,and accelerate landmark construction achievements."

Zhou Aijun,president of DKE,said that the affirmation and guidance of DKE Fuyong electronic paper factory project by municipal and county government leaders not only clarified the direction of the company's next step,but also strengthened the company's confidence in the development of Jiashan County,Jiaxing city.

As a new type of electronic paper display in the field of global well-known Internet of things technology supplier,DKE east branch vein currently has three electronic paper manufacturing base,sets up the international high-end product sales and r&d center in Shanghai,as well as in Germany,Japan,South Korea and other countries set up branches,in the electronic paper display devices and module products business areas remain the world's leading position.As the headquarters manufacturing base of DKE Branch,Fuyong Electronic Paper Factory project will seize the national strategic opportunity of Yangtze River Delta integration,deeply layout the core location resources of the Yangtze River Delta such as Shanghai and Zhejiang,and build an electronic paper technology innovation center and core industrial ecological chain with global influence.
For the third time the city"mutual learning than the mutually"review activities,DKE east branch vein will be detailed to carry out the instruction spirit,with the attitude in the market,doing all the time,with the leading industry technical experts team 4.0 wisdom and industrial factory practice,a iot of world famous field new electronic paper display technology supplier,Contribute to the development of electronic paper industry and the high quality development of Jiashan County,Jiaxing City,create brilliant!
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