Warm congratulations on the successful move of the first batch of fully automated electronic paper production line equipment in Fuyong factory,manufac

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Update time : 2022-10-13 10:12:15
Warm congratulations on the successful move of the first batch of fully automated electronic paper production line equipment in Fuyong factory,manufacturing base of DKE Holding Co.,Ltd.

On October 12,2022,"the first batch of fully automated e-paper production line equipment of Zhejiang Fuyong Electronic Technology Co.,LTD."was held ceremonially,which marked an important step of DKE Fuyong e-paper factory project from the construction period to the production and operation period.

Wen Shifeng,vice president of DKE Holding Co.,Ltd.,and other company leaders,project personnel and representatives of participating units attended the ceremony to witness this exciting moment.

At present,the situation of COVID-19 is still severe,and under the situation of logistics and personnel mobilization difficulties,DKE Oriental Komet quickly gathers superior forces,assumes corporate responsibilities,actively coordinates resources of all parties,and makes every effort to ensure the rapid progress of this project.All the staff of the project have been working hard to meet the difficulties,and formed close cooperation with the cooperative team to complete the important node of equipment moving in on time.

In his speech,Wen Shifeng,vice president of DKE Branch,expressed his gratitude to all partners of the project for realizing the smooth moving of the first batch of equipment on time according to the schedule node,and hoped that in the next work,all the staff would continue to cooperate with each other,forge ahead,and go all out to ensure the project quality,construction safety and put into production as soon as possible.
Zhejiang Fuyong Electronic Technology Co.,LTD.,as the headquarters base and R&D and manufacturing center of DKE Oriental Corai,the smooth transfer of the first batch of equipment means that the basic functions of the project electronic paper process equipment have been equipped.In the next stage,we will focus on equipment installation and commissioning,plant decoration and landscaping,and continue to push forward the overall progress of the project at full speed to ensure the production on schedule.
As the world's leading manufacturing service provider of new electronic paper display technology in the Internet of Things field,DKE will continue to rely on technology upgrading and capacity scale increase to achieve industrial upgrading,enhance product competitiveness,and constantly consolidate its own strength,open up new situations,and contribute new forces on the road to the vigorous development of the industry.Join hands with upstream and downstream partners to climb the new peak of e-paper industry development!
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