Warm congratulations to DKE(Fushen)Co.,Ltd.for winning many provincial and municipal annual honors

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Update time : 2023-02-07 11:35:23
Recently,Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co.,LTD.,good news frequently,won a number of annual honorary titles from Zhejiang Province and Jiashan County government of Jiaxing City,full of praise to start 2023.These honors not only show the outstanding performance of DKE Orient in leading the industry development and practicing social responsibility,but also witness the unremitting efforts and fruitful results of DKE2022.
Zhou Aijun,President of Zhejiang Dongfang Pulse Electronics Co.,LTD.,said,"These heavy honors represent the high recognition of DKE Dongfang Pulse by the government and the industry.We are deeply honored and encouraged,and will live up to our mission and continue to make contributions to the development of the e-paper industry."
Innovative smes in Zhejiang Province
On January 13,2023,Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology issued the Notice on the Announcement of the List of Innovative smes in Zhejiang Province in 2022.Zhejiang Fusheng Technology Co.,Ltd.successfully passed the audit and was selected in the list and won the honor.

Innovation-oriented smes have higher specialization level,stronger innovation ability,development potential and sound innovation mechanism.Zhejiang Fusheng Technology Co.,Ltd.has always insisted on technological innovation as the core,in the core areas of the industrial foundation,the key links of the industrial chain to achieve continuous breakthrough in innovation ability,quality and benefit enhancement of the input results,more reflects the government departments of DKE innovation strength,technical strength and industry prospects and other aspects of high recognition and affirmation.
"Zhejiang manufacturing quality"enterprises
On January 12,2023,Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology officially released the list of"Zhejiang Made Excellent Products"in 2022,and the"Internet of Things color electronic paper"product project of Zhejiang Fusheng Technology Co.,Ltd.was listed.

This"Zhejiang Manufacturing quality"enterprise identification conditions include enterprise production technology,equipment level,product quality and so on.Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co.,Ltd.as a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy,products and technology are at the leading level of the industry at home and abroad.The recognition also fully affirmed Fushen's excellent achievements in technological innovation ability,independent intellectual property rights,product quality control,market competitiveness and other aspects.
Jiashan County high-quality economic development outstanding enterprises
On January 31,2023,Jiashan County's third-level cadres'Meeting in 2022,as well as the mobilization and promotion meeting of Major Breakthrough Year for Investment Promotion,Major Breakthrough Year for Projects,and Major Improvement Year for business,was successfully held.The meeting commended and rewarded the advanced collective that have emerged in all walks of life in Jiashan County.Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co.,Ltd.was awarded the title of"Jiashan County Economic high-quality development Enterprise with outstanding achievements".

In 2022,Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co.,Ltd.will work together to forge ahead and actively develop the market.Winning this award is not only an honor and joy,but also the expectation and trust of the government on DKE.In 2023,the new journey has begun.The company will gather innovation,focus on development,grasp new opportunities,meet new challenges,and constantly create a new situation of enterprise development,and strive to make greater contributions to the economic development of Jiashan County!
Jiashan County ten best specialized special new enterprises
On January 31,2023,Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co.,Ltd.was successfully selected into the"2022 Jiashan County Top Ten Specialized and special new enterprises list".

The selected enterprises should have the advantages of focusing on market segments,mastering key core technologies,strong innovation ability and high market share.They are advanced and demonstrative enterprises in the industry segments.Zhejiang Fusheng Technology Co.,Ltd.will continue to focus on the current information,digital,intelligent trend of The Times and social needs,continue to carry out technological innovation,business innovation,management innovation,play a demonstration role,and strive to become the international leading enterprise in the field of electronic paper industry.
Jiashan County Technology Enterprise Center
On January 10,2023,Jiashan County Bureau of Economy and Information Technology officially issued the"2022 Jiashan County Enterprise Technology Center Publicity",Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co.,Ltd.won the recognition of Jiashan County Enterprise Technology Center.The recognition shows the company's comprehensive competitive strength and remarkable technological innovation ability.

Enterprise technology center refers to the recognition of enterprises with strong innovation ability,good innovation mechanism and leading and demonstration role.It is a research and development institution established by enterprises with a higher level and is the core of enterprise technology innovation system.Zhejiang Fusheng Technology Co.,Ltd.will continue to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise,give full play to the main role of the enterprise technology center in technological innovation,and apply the leading e-paper technology achievements to accelerate the development of the e-paper industry and the sustainable green and low-carbon development of the society.
Carry forward with honor,never forget the original intention!DKE east branch vein knows as an industry leader's responsibility and mission,we will continue to make energetic,yong yi,to further increase the intensity of electronic paper products technology research and development,promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements,to enterprise strength for various fields to make greater contribution to the development of high quality!
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