Logistics & Warehouse
Logistics Tags

Using EPD on logistic tags along with twinkling LED can easily locate the position and expel picking up speed with extreme low power consumption achieve paperless and wireless management. 

It can also work with temperature and humidity sensor to make sure the temperature is under control at any time.

Connecting the label with wireless technology can realize updating the inventory timely and improve the management efficiency.

Luggage Tags
Electronic Luggage Tag replaces the traditional paper label with a digital data module, so airline's luggage information can be transmitted into it. Travelers can check-in their luggage through their smartphone before they arrived the airport and drop it off at the airport in seconds, make the luggage check-in process more convenient and faster.

                    Smart Packaging
The smart box can record the temperature, location, and traveling history and display to us through our Epaper display. 
Our display has the advantage of flexible, low power consumption, and continue to display the image without power, which provides broad feasibility of smart packing.


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