Segmented displays are ultra-low power, thin, and rugged.unique reflective display technology is sunlight readable and can display an image with no power. This enables engineers and designers to add displays to products where power and space limitations have made it impossible to do so before.

Segmented displays can be manufactured in any 2D shape such a circle, triangle, or abstract shape, enhancing industrial designs. In addition, E Ink's unique capabilities allow for the foreground

and background to be reversed fromblack on white or white on black.

DKE offers two types of Segmented displays: Segmented Display Cells, and Segmented Display Modules.

Segmented Display Cells are independent display cells that do not include any embedded electronics; they can be driven at either 5V or 15V. Typically, Segmented Display Cells are used in simpler designs with lower segment counts and fewer pin outs. Designs that have adequate space and less restrictive PCB integration needs are ideal for Segmented Display Cells applications.

Segmented Display Modules include an integrated E Ink display driver for a complete display solution, typically for designs that have demanding integration requirements. Segmented Display Modules simplify the integration effort by reducing the number of pin outs required between the MCU and display. As a result, less space is needed for connection to the PCB.


Applications for the technology are broad, including a wide variety of consumer electronics, watches, medical devices, industrial gauges, PC accessories, smart cards, electronic shelf labels, and mobile communications.

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