Technical Team

DKE has always built its core competitiveness with R&D and innovation, followed the development trend of the industry and market, focused on the main business of electronic paper and the requirement of global customers, steadily promoted product improvement working, and continued to promote the integration of product technology system and product structure optimization.  

Our R&D team is composed of overseas doctors, masters and senior experts with more than ten years of practical experience in the industry, providing a strong talent guarantee for project research and innovation. The proportion of the R&D team is as high as 12% in our group, with more than 10 years of accumulated over tens of millions of dollars on research and development cost, DKE has become one of the world’s largest electronic paper module patent holding enterprises. So far, We have earned 74 cumulative patents and 46 authorized patents, patent applications quantity and product quality are both leaders of electronic paper display industry.

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