Electronic paper display sales jumped 870%! E-paper learning books enable "new growth" in education

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Update time : 2024-03-05 14:58:49
In recent years,the boost of display technology to the development of education has become more and more obvious,and the effective application and deep integration of new display technology in the field of education has become the core path of current education reform.
According to the latest data released by RUNTO Technology,the global shipment of electronic paper tablet products in 2023 reached 12.54 million units,an increase of 17.2%.Among them,the Chinese market sold 1.23 million units,an increase of 20.6%,accounting for 9.8%of the global sales.
Shipments and changes of global e-paper flat panel market in 2021-2023

Data source:RUNTO,unit:10,000 units
The display screen is the most important and basic configuration for learning tablet and other electronic products.In terms of screen display technology,according to online monitoring data from RUNTO,ePaper screens accounted for 7.8%of the learning tablet market in 2023,an increase of 6.9 percentage points from 2022,and sales rose 870%year-on-year.
In the field of education,terminal eye care products using electronic paper displays have a very large market space in replacing liquid crystal tablets,computers,electronic learning machines and other devices,showing an explosive growth trend.
From the technical point of view,in recent years,electronic paper display with no blue light,anti-glare,no light and other advantages,compared with other display terminal products can provide a more comfortable viewing experience,into the line of sight of the majority of users,not only for reading scenes,but also for writing and practice scenes.

Picture:Wisdom Education Exhibition area of DKE Oriental Branch booth
From the material point of view,the blue light ratio of e-paper display is closer to traditional paper,which has a paper-like feeling;At the same time,as an electronic screen,it has the characteristics of information transmission,easy to modify writing,and large storage space,which is suitable for the high-frequency reading and writing needs in the field of education.
From the perspective of demand satisfaction,the terminal application of"electronic paper display+pen+educational resources"can meet the in-depth needs of students in writing,reading and practice,and become the core product of the education market demand.Secondly,the characteristics of e-paper educational terminal products are also reflected in the configuration of"e-paper display+educational resources",providing more diversified learning resources and tools to achieve digital learning and meet personalized learning needs.

Looking ahead,RUNTO predicts that China's e-paper flat panel market will grow by 27%to 1.56 million units in 2024.This means that electronic paper tablets will gradually become one of the mainstream choices in the market,and will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend in the next few years.
In the future,with the continuous development of science and technology,the education field actively introduces electronic paper display technology,and gradually promotes the construction of digital education and smart education,and electronic paper will empower education with more possibilities.As a manufacturing and service provider of e-paper display technology in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technologies,helping to promote the ideal application prospects of e-paper in the field of education.
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