E-paper display-help smart court green development,energy saving and efficiency

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Update time : 2022-08-03 15:17:21
At present,the focus of our energy saving and emission reduction work has been extended from traditional industry,transportation and other key areas to public institutions and residents living energy and other aspects.
As a public institution involved in all aspects of social life,the people's court is vigorously strengthening the digitalization and information construction of smart court through technical means in order to reduce energy consumption and promote green environmental protection.
The green development of smart courts has achieved remarkable results
The People's Court issued an Evaluation Report on the Effect of Building Smart Courts to Promote Green Development,which analyzed the effect of the application of smart courts on reducing travel,energy consumption,carbon emission,paper saving,cost saving and other aspects.

Statistics show that the people's court through digital,intelligent,information means,compared with the traditional way,equivalent to save 990,000 tons of standard coal,reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 2.03 million tons,save 549 tons of paper......
Shi Zuoting,deputy director of the China Energy Conservation Center,said,"China's people's courts have achieved remarkable results in smart courts and green development,leading the country and providing a useful reference for further promoting the national energy conservation and carbon reduction cause."
E-paper display technology is just in time
In the green development of the smart court,paperless office is a major measure for the people's court to adapt to the digital and information age and achieve the goal of"double carbon".Electronic paper smart table cards have been widely used in the trial of the people's court.

There are many daily meetings and trials in the People's court.The application of electronic paper table cards is connected with the court business system and trial system.Through the management software,the information can be updated remotely according to the content of each trial or meeting,so as to meet the digitization needs of actual work.Convenient and simple operation,recycling,reduce labor costs and paper energy consumption,at the same time,greatly improve the efficiency and order of court meetings.

E-paper display paper-like display effect,no reflective,no flash screen,more green eye protection,clear and beautiful content display,sustainable information display after power failure,ultra-low power consumption.

With the breakthrough and development of color electronic paper display technology,electronic paper smart table cards have also been upgraded with color display,which can customize different display content and color collocation to better meet the needs of various scenes.
In the future,the People's courts will continue to implement the policy of giving priority to energy conservation and further deepen the construction and application of smart courts.As a manufacturing service provider of new e-paper display technology in the Internet of Things field,DKE will continue to make great efforts in e-paper products and technology,promote the transformation and upgrading of smart court to comprehensive paperless,digital and intelligent,and enable a higher level of digital justice with technology.
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