Farewell to "Eye protection mode" e-paper display helps students develop a healthy lifestyle

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Update time : 2022-08-29 15:04:13
At present,mobile phones,tablet laptops have become the most frequently used electronic products by students.And we know that facing LCD screens for a long time is very harmful to our eyes,it also affects our sleep and circadian rhythm,and even increases the risk of disease.
Electronic"eye protection mode"is worse
In response to the harmful blue light of LCD screens,electronics manufacturers are adding"eye protection mode".

The"eye protection mode"of electronics works by adjusting the color temperature of the screen,changing the spectrum to warm colors to produce soft light.This will reduce the damage caused by blue light to some extent,but it will not prevent the screen from causing irritation and damage to the eyes.
Chen Yingshan,director of ophthalmology at Hsinchu Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University,said,"The essence of both night mode and eye protection mode is to reduce the brightness of the screen to reduce the irritation of bright light to the eyes.When the light color of the panel darkens,long-term use can lead to more effort on the eye,eye strain,corneal damage and other problems."
Electronic paper display helps students to cultivate healthy life
Compared with the LCD screen of traditional educational electronic products,the electronic paper display terminal products without backlight source,blue light and eye injury are more favored by students and parents.

Electronic paper word card machine
Recently in the major e-commerce and live streaming platforms,electronic paper word card machine is popular.

In March this year,Jobhelp and Tuwa successively launched the first word card machine based on electronic paper display development,NetEase Youdao also recently launched the same new product"Youdao electronic word card M3".

Electronic paper word card machine is small and portable,easy to use the fragmented time to learn.The paper-like display feature of electronic paper can protect eyesight,and the ultra-low power consumption feature can make the word card machine use hundreds of days after charging,saving power and durable.

In the future,with the development of e-paper display in the direction of large size,touch control,high refresh rate and full color,and the addition of other learning contents and functions in the product itself,user experience will be further improved,and it will become an indispensable product for students to use in daily life.
Electronic paper smartwatch
E-paper displays are also being used in wearable applications to help students achieve healthy living goals.

Smart wearables with e-paper displays,such as the Fossil Hybrid,Citizen Smart Hybrid or Nokia Withings Go,automatically track your steps and sleep.They can also sync with your phone to monitor health indicators such as weight and blood pressure.

E-paper smartwatch has the functions of stopwatch timer,intelligent weather,information push,second brush entrance guard and so on,which is also a good helper for students in daily sports,life and study.

The use of electronic paper display,low power characteristics make the battery life longer;The wide Angle of view and the visual characteristics under the sun make the screen clearly visible,and the information can be consulted at any time,which is more practical than the traditional smartwatch that needs to raise the wrist and tap outdoors to wake up.
E-paper student cell phone
E-paper mobile phone for students is an intelligent terminal that provides learning,reading and life convenience for primary and secondary school students.

It has the basic functions of mobile phone and supports the loading and installation of learning App.Parents can use mobile phone App intelligent monitoring to accurately locate their children's location information,assist in rejecting strangers'calls and collecting short messages,etc.,so that children can effectively improve their self-discipline in the pure learning environment separated from entertainment function.

The unique low power consumption and paper-like display characteristics of electronic paper display,effectively eliminate the harm caused by blue light to health when using mobile phones,so that"eye protection life"without dead Angle.
With the improvement of students'awareness of healthy life,e-paper display,as the best display interface of electronic products in the field of education,will continue to enhance its robustness.As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the Internet of Things field,DKE will continue to make great efforts in e-paper products and technology,realize more application innovation of e-paper in the field of education,and promote the development of health education.
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