2023 e-paper industry related policies

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With the advantages of low-carbon,recyclable and digital,the development speed of electronic paper in the field of display technology continues to increase,and the terminal application field is closely related to modern life.
In order to better promote the digitization,wisdom and green of social production and life,in the past two years,from the state to the local,a series of policies,plans and programs have been introduced,and then promote the benign and rapid development of new display industries such as electronic paper.
From 2022 to 2023,the relevant policies of the electronic paper industry will be summarized as follows:
Electronic paper industry related key policy interpretation
2023.09"To carry out radio and television and network audio-visual virtual reality production technology application demonstration work"
Research on micro-display technologies such as Fast-LCD,silicon-based OLED,Micro LED,and optical display technologies such as high-performance free-form surface,BirdBath,and optical waveguide,and carry out the application of new display technologies that meet the characteristics of virtual reality to improve the quality of content presentation in various forms.
2023.08"Building Materials Industry Steady Growth Work Plan"
Improve the supply capacity of new materials,focus on the demand for new display,aerospace,biomedicine,environmental governance,new energy and other fields,accelerate the development and application of new materials industry,promote the iterative upgrading of products,expand the promotion and application of urban green building materials,and promote the coordinated development of green building materials and green buildings.
2023.08"Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry 2023-2024 Stable Growth Action Plan"
For new intelligent terminals,culture,tourism,landscape,commercial display and other fields,promote the expansion of AMOLED,Micro-LED,3D display,laser display and other applications,support liquid crystal panels,electronic paper and other to accelerate paperless alternative applications.
2023.08"Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone Shenzhen Park Development Plan"
We will promote breakthroughs in the development of the next-generation information technology industry.Focusing on the national information technology industry development strategy,we will vigorously cultivate and develop cutting-edge information industries such as future networks,new displays,and next-generation network equipment.
2022.12"Shenzhen Foreign Talent Identification Standards(Trial)"
Talent policy.With 4K display,8K display,LTPS,Oxide new backplane production and technology development,COB packaging technology development,overlay screen,under screen fingerprint,dynamic backlight technology development,etc.Work experience in the field of Micro LED,Mini LED,Micro OLED,electronic paper and other emerging technology development,master key technologies,and achieve valuable scientific research results in this field.
2022.12 Outline of the Strategic Plan for Expanding Domestic Demand(2022-2035)
We will strengthen strategic emerging industries.We will comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the information technology industry,and promote technological innovation and application of artificial intelligence,advanced communications,integrated circuits,new displays,and advanced computing.
2022.01 National Conference on Industry and Information Technology
Focus on basic electronic components,key electronic equipment and electronic materials,improve the basic support capacity in the field of electronic information,and promote the construction of technological innovation system.Strengthen the forward-looking industrial layout of Micro-LED,electronic paper,silicon-based OLED,printed display,etc.
Smart education related key policy interpretation
2023.02 Blue Book of Wisdom Education in China
Smart education will break through the boundaries of school education,promote the multiple combination of various education types,resources,and elements,promote the collaborative education of schools,families and society,and build a high-quality personalized lifelong learning system in which everyone can learn,learn everywhere,and learn from time to time.
2023.02 China Smart Education Development Index Report 2022
Smart education will take data governance as the core and digital intelligence technology as the driving force,promote education management and business process reengineering as a whole,and improve the modernization level of education governance system and governance capacity.
2023.02 Overall Layout Plan for the Construction of Digital China
We will enhance our ability to serve digital culture,build a number of comprehensive digital culture display platforms,vigorously implement national education digitization strategic actions,and improve the national smart education platform.
2022.12"2022 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education"
Huai Jinpeng,Minister of Education,pointed out at the meeting that digitalization is used as a lever to empower teachers,promote teaching upgrading,leverage the overall reform of education,and promote education to be more inclusive,fairer,and better quality.
2022.02"The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Education in Anhui Province"
The coverage rate of smart school construction in rural and urban primary and secondary schools:68.2 in rural areas and 41.7%in urban areas.
2022.01"14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy Development"
We will further promote smart education,promote the large-scale deployment and application of IPv6,enhance cybersecurity protection capabilities,and advance the intelligent upgrading of infrastructure in an orderly manner.
Smart medical related key policy interpretation
2023.02 Notice on Organizing the Application of 2023 Central Financial Support for Public Hospital Reform and High-quality Development Demonstration Project
Promote the construction of smart hospitals and the standardization of hospital information in the trinity of electronic medical records,smart services and smart management,and support the establishment of information standards for the interoperability and sharing of inspection results within the region.
2023.02 Overall Layout Plan for the Construction of Digital China
We will promote universal access to digital public services,develop digital health,and standardize Internet diagnosis and treatment and Internet development.
2022.12 Implementation Plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan to Expand Domestic Demand
We will carry out digital pilot demonstrations in key areas such as smart transportation,smart logistics,smart energy,smart medical care,and smart health care for the elderly,and vigorously develop third-party big data service industries.
2022.12"14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of TCM Informatization"
Encourage all localities to carry out the construction of smart TCM hospitals,promote service models such as smart TCM pharmacies,and realize two-way referral among medical institutions in the TCM community,mutual recognition and sharing of inspection results,sharing of TCM preparations,and homogenization of TCM services.
2022.01"14th Five-Year Plan for Public Services"
We will actively develop smart medical care,encourage medical institutions to improve the level of informatization and intelligence,and support the development and application of big data resources for health care.
Smart transportation related key policy interpretation
2023.10 Several Opinions on Promoting the Healthy and Sustainable Development of Urban Public Transport
Promote the quality and efficiency of public transport services,and support urban public transport enterprises to expand platform,body,and in-car advertising business.
2023.07 Implementation Plan for Promoting High-quality Development of Urban Public Transport in Zhengzhou
Accelerate the improvement of public transport infrastructure,more advanced technology and equipment,more efficient connection and transfer,more sustainable industry development,improve the environment of public transport stations,and strengthen the digital application of urban public transport.
2023.02 Five-Year Action Plan to Speed up the Building of a Strong Transport Country(2023-2027)
We will focus on 10 areas of work,including strengthening modern infrastructure construction,improving the quality of transport services,deepening the drive for technological innovation in transport,and promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of transport.
2023.01"Henan Province In-depth Implementation of Urban Public Transport Priority Development Strategy to Promote the high-quality Development of Urban Public transport Implementation Opinions"
Increase the intensity of infrastructure construction,digital application of public transport,public transport transfer connection,public transport organization mode,public transport service quality,comprehensive development of public transport yards and stations,improve the environment of public transport stations,and promote the application of urban public transport green equipment.
Smart civil aviation related key policy interpretation
2022.12 Outline of the Strategic Plan for Expanding Domestic Demand(2022-2035)
Focusing on smart travel,smart logistics,smart operation and smart supervision,we will promote the smart upgrading of hub airports and build a smart civil aviation management system.
Smart industry related key policy interpretation
2023.08"2023 China Digital Economy Innovation and Development Conference Press Conference"
The theme of the conference is"Juju United Overseas Chinese Number creating the future-Promoting new industrialization with high quality",and creating digital industrialization,industrial digitalization and digital governance.
2022.11 Notice on Issuing Guidelines for the Digital Transformation of smes
To help smes promote digital transformation in a scientific and efficient manner,improve the ability to provide smes with digital products and services,and provide guidance for relevant departments to promote the digital transformation of smes.
2022.05"14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy Development"
Industrial digital transformation has reached a new level.The digitization,networking and intelligence of the manufacturing industry are further deepened,and green development is promoted in the process of digital transformation.
Smart logistics related key policy interpretation
2023.09"Opinions on Promoting Highway Digital Transformation and Accelerating the Construction and Development of Smart Highways"
Explore the deep integration of big data,artificial intelligence,machine vision,blockchain,Beidou,5G and other technologies for road network operation,and provide accurate services for travel planning and road network scheduling.
2022.12"14th Five-Year Plan for Modern Logistics Development"
By 2025,a modern logistics system featuring supply-demand adaptation,internal and external connectivity,safety,efficiency,wisdom and green will be basically established,and the innovation and development capability of logistics and the competitiveness of enterprises will be significantly enhanced,and the quality and efficiency of logistics services will be significantly improved.
2022.12 Notice on Several Measures to Support the Innovation and Improvement of National Economic and Technological Development Zones to Better Play an exemplary Role
In the industrial chain,intelligent procurement,intelligent logistics,supply chain integration and other technologies are used to promote the integration of the overall industrial chain and intelligent development.
2022.10"Guidelines for the Construction of Transportation Smart Logistics Standard System"
By 2025,focus on infrastructure,transport equipment,system platforms,electronic documents,data interaction and sharing,operation services and management and other fields to complete the revision of key standards,continue to improve the standardization level of smart logistics,and provide high-quality standards for accelerating the construction of a transportation power.
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