By 2025, the global e-paper market will exceed 70 billion US dollars

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Update time : 2022-04-29 13:54:56

  With the continuous breakthrough of e-paper size technology and the large-scale production of color e-paper,e-paper display,as a display and interactive terminal interface,will benefit from the deployment and development of GLOBAL 5G,big data and Internet of Things.It is expected that the global e-paper market will exceed 70 billion DOLLARS in 2025.At the same time,with the promotion of carbon peak carbon neutrality and digital reform strategy,there is still room for development of future application scenarios and application terminal innovation,and a broad prospect.

E-paper label modules will ship 407 million pieces by 2022

  At present,the vast majority of electronic paper displays are used in electronic paper label products.Because it has many characteristics such as ultra-low power consumption,paper-like feeling,no blue light for eye protection,thin and light,it has been widely used in a variety of scenes in various fields under the joint promotion of technological progress and intelligent scenes.

  According to RUNTO,in 2021,87 percent of e-paper labels will be used in new retail,5 percent in smart office,3 percent in smart warehousing,and 5 percent in smart manufacturing,smart healthcare and other fields.

  In 2021,global shipments of e-paper label modules reached 102 million pieces in the first half of the year,up 55.4%year on year,and over 200 million pieces were shipped in the whole year,up 15.2%year on year.Global e-paper label module shipments are expected to double to 407 million units in 2022 as the industry's supply chain improves and demand continues to grow.

The global e-paper terminal market will exceed 70 billion US dollars in 2025

  The e-label application using e-paper display covers not only fresh supermarkets,chain supermarkets,boutique stores,convenience stores,jewelry stores,beauty stores,home life stores,3C electronics stores in the new retail field,but also conference rooms,warehouses,pharmacies,factories and other fields.

  In the medical field,e-paper labels are already used in bedside cards,medicine box labels,home glucose meters,information boards and medical bills.

  In the transportation sector,more than 30 Cities in China are conducting pilot work,and Shanghai,as a landmark demonstration city,has installed nearly 5,000 e-paper tag sites.

  In other aspects,electronic paper display is also gradually replacing traditional paper labels in baggage labels,logistics information cards and other product fields.

  With the popularity of online office learning and online browsing and reading,and the growing maturity of color e-paper technology,e-readers,the traditional product of e-paper display,will see another surge in demand.

  According to RUNTO,the global e-paper display terminal market will grow at a cagR of$5.4%in the next five years and will exceed$70 billion in 2025.

The application of color display in e-paper era has great potential

  Brightness and contrast are the key factors determining the readability of electronic paper,so high brightness and contrast are undoubtedly a key point in the development of electronic paper technology.The color display of electronic paper has richer and more realistic visual effects,and the high-quality color electronic paper display undoubtedly has greater market demand and greater application scene development potential.

  In recent years,DKE has spared no effort to develop and promote the application of electronic paper display,continuously progressing from black and white,black and white red/yellow three colors,and recently launched N Color electronic paper display.

  Use of black,white,red,yellow,blue,green and orange seven color electronic ink particles,through the voltage control,dynamically and mixed color particle composition,implement full-color screen display,significantly improve the color display contrast,make the image more stereo,provide more visual impact dynamic color printing posters and texture effect,At the same time,electronic paper has the advantages of ultra-low power consumption and outdoor and bright light visibility.

  Due to the unique visual display effect of printed posters on full-color electronic paper,N Color is applied to commercial advertisements,digital displays in museums,public displays and other electronic billboards,replacing disposable printed posters and reducing the consumption of environmental resources.At the same time,full-color e-paper billboards are not only eye-friendly,but also environment-friendly with the low-carbon and power-saving characteristics of e-paper,which helps promote sustainable smart city development.

  E-paper displays will be the key to smart and sustainable development in the future.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Will continue to invest in the research and development of electronic paper products and technologies,and accelerate the infinite application value of electronic paper display in diversified scenarios under the goal of achieving carbon neutrality of environmental sustainable development.

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