Congrats to the Fully Succeed of DKE New Automatic Production Line

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Update time : 2022-05-13 15:29:23

After two months of intensive equipment adjusting,DKE new automation E-paper production line operated successfully!

Our automation line setting project officially started in October 2021,under the grim prevention and control situation of Covid 19,all the staff tackled the difficulties and vigorously promote the project construction.Finally,in March 2022 the first batch of equipment was moved into our factory successfully.After two months of installation and debugging,the automatic production line finished adjusting and successfully trial-produced today.We plan to start mass production this month.At present,the project still has several lines under intense construction,and it is planned to complete all construction and realize mass production in August.While fully operational,the production capacity will achieve a further breakthrough,the automation level of the whole equipment and the core technology adopted has reached a higher level in the industry.

During the trial run,personnel from all departments gather in front of the production line to find and solve problems and provide support to the trial run.With everyone's joint efforts,all the works have been carried out under arrangements.The completion of the quality inspection test marks the complete success of the fully automatic trial run of the E-paper production line in Fushen Technology.

DKE vice president Shifeng Wen said:“The project is short in run but heavy in task.Under the severe environment of covid 19,the project cannot finish quickly without the strong support and assistance of each leader and project personnel at all levels.To ensure the smooth completion of the project,staff constantly adjusted the construction period,laid a good foundation for the commissioning and start,and bought us time;In addition,it is also inseparable from Jiaxing Comprehensive Bonded Zone related departments in the process of guidance and help.”Finally,he said that“After the completion of the trial production,we will timely improve the problems encountered and strive to achieve production and efficiency of the project as scheduled.”

The successful trial production marks the formal opening of the fully automated operation mode of DKE E-paper production line,which is a significant milestone for strengthening and improving the production equipment level of the E-paper industry.In the future,DKE will continue to deepen strategic cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises,continue to explore new markets for E-paper applications,bring our superiority into full play,take advantage of the momentum,and continue to open up new prospects and take new steps in promoting the rapid development of E-paper industry.

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