DKE 2023 Spring Team Building Activity is a complete success!

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Update time : 2023-02-27 15:55:30

The most beautiful world in March,live up to the spring and the trend.In order to enrich employees'leisure cultural life,improve employees'sense of happiness at work,enhance team cohesion,and create the corporate culture and value concept of innovation,execution and exceeding expectations,DKE Holding Co.,Ltd.organized and carried out the 2023 spring outdoor group building activity with the theme of"Unite peers exceeding expectations"on February 18.

Zhou Aijun,president of DKE Oriental Branch,delivered a speech for the opening ceremony of the spring team building activity.He hoped that through this activity,he could enhance the staff cohesion,build a united,enterprising and positive staff team,firm goals in work,go forward bravely,and strive for the realization of common dreams!
Together,the team wins
Before the event started,everyone gathered at the designated place and explained the theme,schedule and related requirements in detail.Then,a simple and happy warm-up interaction,in the laughter,everyone quickly into the state,ready to join in the next group building activities!
At 9:00 a.m.,the employees who participated in the group construction activity arrived at their destination--Yunuupstream Outdoor Expansion Base in Jiashan County,Jiaxing City,Zhejiang Province.In order to exercise the strong will and character of the team members and the spirit of win-win cooperation,the team construction specially arranged a number of types of activities,such as the top 60S,team Hannot Tower,passion beat,100 people agitation feeling bounce ball.

Each activity is not only an individual challenge,but also a team test.In the process of the activity,everyone united as one,toward the common goal of unremitting struggle,overcome one difficulty after another,perfectly presented the moving scenes!

The"Extreme 60S"activity,which was launched first,directly pushed the atmosphere to a climax.The members of each group went all out,had heated discussions and were eager to win the final victory.The scene was very lively.Through the new activity form,we have made clear that the division of labor and execution within the team play a crucial role in the results,and will apply it to the daily work.

After that,they played a game of"Team Hannota,""Passion Beat,"and"One Hundred People Encouraging the Feeling of Bouncing Ball,"which tested teamwork.In the game,everyone gets rid of the usual formality and seriousness,and becomes a close team partner in the interaction.They overcome difficulties,meet challenges and transcend themselves together.In the challenge,everyone fully felt the importance of coordination,innovation,cooperation,unity and other factors in the team.
At the same time,after several rounds of fierce competition,according to the rules of the activity and the ranking of the accumulated points of each team,the champion and the second runner-up were selected,and the exquisite prizes were awarded.
All the glory to witness
The awarding ceremony of 2022 Outstanding Employees was held at the same time.

At the ceremony site,Zhou Aijun,president of DKE Oriental Branch,and relevant leaders of the company presented their honors to the outstanding employees of all departments who worked hard!Afterwards,the excellent staff representatives respectively took the stage to share their work experience and experience,which was wonderful and won bursts of applause.

Strive to move forward,but really encourage new.2023 is the eighteenth year of the establishment of DKE Oriental Technology,which is also a New Year for the company to build on the past and achieve new heights.Forward side by side,live up to expectations,DKE is willing to share the development results with every partner working with the company,but also hope that the future road,all the staff full of enthusiasm,all the way to follow the pace of the company"rabbit"to advance vigorously,diligently write a new chapter!
In this group building activity,everyone helped each other,solidarity and friendship,fully showed the good mental outlook of the company's employees,relaxed mood,relieve pressure at the same time,broaden the vision,enhance the sense of team and belonging.I believe that in the future,we will be more full of spirit and enthusiasm into the work,together to gather strength,hard work,concentric peers,beyond expectations,create brilliant!
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