E-paper display - help enterprises to drive high-quality development with the concept of dual control of energy consumption

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  Energy consumption and environmental pollution are a severe test accompanying China's sustained and rapid economic development.Since the energy consumption control concept was formally proposed during the tenth Five-year Plan period,over the past 20 years,the government has constantly improved the ideas and goals of energy consumption control,guided the whole society to balance the relationship between economy and environmental protection based on reality,and promoted the realization of high-quality and sustainable green development.

Review of the development history of energy consumption control objectives

The construction of"double control of energy consumption"system has been refined and improved

Sources:Xinhua News Agency,Sealand Securities Research Institute

  At the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee in 2015,China officially established the"dual control"system for energy consumption and specified the"dual control"target of energy consumption,requiring energy intensity to be reduced by 15%by 2020 compared with 2015.The setting of this target effectively enhanced the whole society's awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction.

  By the end of 2021,in order to lead the"green and low-carbon development"and in accordance with the"dual carbon"target,the Central Economic Work Commission will further improve the"dual control"system of energy consumption,proposing that"conditions should be created to realize the transition from"dual control"of energy consumption to"dual control"of total carbon emission and intensity as soon as possible."

  In the near future,"dual control"of energy consumption will still be used,and when conditions are mature,the"dual control"of energy consumption will shift to"dual control"of carbon emission,that is,from measuring the energy input of the whole society's production and business activities to measuring the carbon emission output of the whole society's production and business activities.

The impact of the transformation of"dual control"target on enterprises

  The goal of"dual control"of carbon emissions has a profound impact on the operation and management of Chinese enterprises,and clearly Outlines the main track of"green development"in the future.Accelerating the green and low-carbon transformation in all aspects of the enterprise,reducing energy consumption,improving the efficiency of energy consumption and other green competitiveness will become the core of the sustainable enterprise.

  For enterprises,it is necessary to change the way of thinking formed under the"dual control"goal of energy consumption and integrate it into the way of thinking of sustainable development guided by the"dual control"goal of carbon emissions.In the era of industry 4.0,the advanced green and low-carbon technology integrating the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence is the premise for the project to start,and also the basis for the realization of intelligent and digital energy consumption control,which can effectively improve the core capability of carbon control of enterprises.

How can e-paper help companies move in the right direction

  E-paper has excellent characteristics of power saving,environmental protection,green and low-carbon,and is the ideal display screen choice for enterprises to meet the low-carbon trend and realize intelligent and digital energy consumption control.Extensive and long-term use of electronic paper products in enterprise operation fields can greatly save energy and reduce carbon.

E-paper table

  The powerful functions and features of e-paper table can meet the growing needs of users,reduce the cost of enterprise construction,and at the same time,it is highly integrated with the control and management of information display,meeting check-in,voting,picture display,meeting schedule,data sharing and other meetings.

E-paper position card

  E-paper work placard replaces traditional paper work placard,which is convenient for human resources staff management,whether on duty status check attendance,and convenient enterprise management of mobile office position and shared desk position mode,ultra-low power consumption,circular use,and clear visibility under strong light and backlight.

E-paper badges

  E-paper smart card applies the characteristics of electronic paper,such as power saving,lightness and passive,continuous,clear and frequent display.With wireless transmission technology,it can update the identity information and changes of enterprise personnel with one click in real time,reducing the time and cost waste of repeated production and modification.

E-paper storage label

  In the enterprise file management and warehouse management is very important also,import carry e-paper display shelf sticker warehouse management solutions,can be directly by the system input,system synchronization to electronic paper shelf tags,pick up the goods personnel can according to the label of leds easily find the location,again by electronic paper display shows the number of instructions to pick up objects,Time saving,fast and accurate.Enterprise application:archives,fixed assets management,storage management,warehouse inventory,etc.

E-paper flow card

  In the manufacturing process,production information related to each site needs to be recorded.Generally,operators fill in the paper process card one by one at each site,which is time-consuming and error-prone,and cannot be connected to the production and manufacturing system to realize digitalization.Equipped with an e-paper display,the wireless e-paper process card does not require additional power and can move with the manufacturing process and synchronize with the manufacturing system,updating information in real time,reducing error rates and reducing man-hours.

  It is the responsibility of every enterprise to respond to the call of national green and low-carbon transformation,explore new development mode of intelligent enterprise industry,and realize green and sustainable development of industrial economy.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technologies to help enterprises realize their own development and contribute to the realization of China's"double carbon"goal and build a more environmentally friendly and low-carbon business world.

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