E-paper display-assist green upgrade of recyclable logistics packaging

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Update time : 2022-02-23 17:08:27

On Oct 20,major e-commerce platforms have basically opened the pre-sale of 2021″Singles Day”,a large wave of express goods are ready for delivery.

On October 18,the China Express Industry Association(CEXPRESS)held a mobilization meeting on service guarantee in the peak season of express delivery in 2021 in Shanghai to propose a green”Double 11″in the whole industry.This year’s”Double 11″may become the most green and low-carbon in history.

2021″Double 11″green logistics concentrated action

This year’s”Double eleven”can be said to be the first centralized action of green logistics.The express delivery industry and e-commerce platforms are all making efforts to”reduce carbon and increase green”logistics on”Double 11″.

Box back plan

During the 11th Singles Day holiday,75,000 cainiao Courier stations and outlets across the country will participate in the”return box program”,which means that after receiving and unpacking,users can choose to leave their boxes at the site for sorting,recycling and recycling to reduce the resource waste and environmental protection pressure caused by the huge amount of packages.

Shared Delivery boxes

Some e-commerce platforms have launched”shared delivery boxes”to replace the current delivery boxes.The shared delivery box can be folded into a square box with a plastic sheet,which the Courier can recycle after the user signs for it.A total of 200,000 shared delivery boxes will be put into use in 13 cities during this year’s Singles Day holiday.

E-paper replaces paper sheet to help logistics cycle and upgrade

There is no doubt that green,environmental protection and intelligence are the basic requirements of future recyclable logistics.

The reusable sharing logistics although replaced the disposable carton box,but still need to print paste paper surface sheet to show the shipping information,resulting in a large amount of waste paper and human resources,and the recycling logistics box when off the paper surface single easy generation residual glue and crumbs,repeatedly for pleurodesis dirt is difficult to clean for a long time,late effects to recycle.

Logistics box to electronic paper display to replace the traditional paper printing surface as the information display interface,single can be a key to solve the traditional paper surface single amounts of waste,energy consumption,human waste,clean difficulties,unable to digital transition,can real-time display name,destination,current status,use of records and other information,achieve tracking at any time,Avoid the risk of loss caused by easy falling off of paper surface sheet,and improve the environmental benefit,convenience and security of green logistics recycling.

In addition,the logistics base for the application of storage,transportation logistics label using electronic paper display for displaying interface,and the background system synchronization,fast,real-time and accurate display items arrival time,statistics,destination,etc,when the item changes occurred in the outbound transportation information,update the database synchronization,reducing staff work demand,improve logistics warehouse management,Improve transportation efficiency.

E-paper display has the characteristics of thin and light,ultra-low power consumption and continuous display of the picture when power is off.It only consumes power when changing the picture content,and does not consume power when maintaining the display.Even when the power is completely exhausted,it can still display the content.

The display effect is the same as paper,no reflection,no backlight,the two-dimensional barcode screen is clear and easy to read,improve the accuracy of the sweep code record in the logistics process and the overall logistics efficiency,is the most ideal display interface choice in the field of green and intelligent logistics applications.

Green recyclable logistics will be the general trend,with the characteristics of electronic paper display bistable and reflective technology,will be applied to more intelligent,green recycling packaging man-machine display interface,give full play to electronic paper energy-saving,environmental protection,green and low carbon benefits.

As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies,and promote the application and development of electronic paper in more fields in the era of green intelligent logistics.

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