E-paper display helps smart pharmacy upgrade operation and maintenance and quality management

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Update time : 2022-05-23 11:11:31

In the past two years,the state has made great efforts to develop smart pharmacy.Smart pharmacies will blossom all over the country in the post-epidemic era,implementing refined health management and services for consumers by means of science and technology in the pharmacy sales scene.

Intelligent"fight against epidemic"multiple ministries and commissions have issued documents promoting smart pharmacies

Recently,the National Development and Reform Commission issued"notice about to do a good job of recent boost consumption in the stressed that under the precondition of precision epidemic prevention and control effectively,to further inspire wisdom retail new vitality,encourage office building,residential,community business circle to speed up the layout etc.Supermarkets,shops,wisdom bookstore,wisdom new formats such as pharmacy services.

In February 2022,Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration released the focus of drug supervision in 2022,requiring the province to promote the construction of smart pharmacy.The relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration made it clear that exploring and developing smart pharmacy is the inevitable development trend of the future drug retail industry.

As early as the end of 2021,the Ministry of Commerce issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting high-quality Development of The Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period,explicitly supporting the development of smart logistics,smart pharmacy and other new forms.

This is enough to confirm the country's positive attitude towards the development of smart pharmacy.

E-paper helps pharmacy to reduce cost and improve efficiency management

In smart pharmacy,an emerging medical sales scene,drug control and sorting is a very tedious work.Traditional paper price tags cannot meet the current demand,and electronic price tags begin to replace traditional paper labels and become the preferred technological products.

Different from traditional pharmacies that use paper price tags,smart pharmacies are equipped with electronic price tags that can remotely update drug information on shelves,simplify the process,and control store drug management in real time,so as to realize accurate and efficient display adjustment and daily inventory,reduce labor costs and improve operation efficiency.Timely modification of each drug information also greatly improves consumers'more complete and accurate information interpretation of drugs,so as to provide consumers with more comprehensive,professional and convenient medical services and ensure drug safety.

Pharmacy electronic price tag in the selection of display materials,generally choose electronic paper display.While most displays need a backlight to see clearly,e-paper displays can reflect ambient light without the need for backlight,greatly reducing power consumption.Electronic paper display paper display,large visual Angle,in the case of power failure,retain the display of text and pictures,does not affect the price display,stable excellent display effect,for consumers to create a high degree of comfortable visual sense.In addition,e-paper displays are lighter and thinner,making them more durable than ordinary LCD displays.

The electronic price tag using three-color electronic paper display can also represent the management attributes of drugs in colors,such as yellow for high warning drugs,red for external use drugs,black for common drugs,etc.

In addition,the LED lamp installed on the electronic price tag will automatically light up the alarm for drugs approaching the expiration date,which is conducive to the first-in,first-out management of drugs and ensure the safety and reliability of drugs.

A small electronic price tag with an electronic paper display can effectively facilitate the rapid digital transformation of smart medical care,while bringing consumers higher quality services.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies to promote the continuous development of health and medical field.

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