E-paper display technology deepens the value of education

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On April 23,the 81st China Educational Equipment Exhibition ended successfully at Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center in Nanchang City,Jiangxi Province.With the theme of"digital enabling education,Innovation leading the future",the exhibition discussed hot topics such as digital transformation of education.More than 1,400 industry enterprises at home and abroad presented a sound development trend of digital flourishing of education equipment industry in an all-round,multi-angle and three-dimensional way,which helped promote the intelligent,digital and green transformation of education in China.
"Wisdom"and"digitalization"have become frequent words in the exhibition site

"In today's era of great information technology revolution,the deep integration of educational equipment and education and teaching will accelerate the formation of a new impetus for education development and promote teaching reform and innovation."Xia Guoming,vice president of China Educational Equipment Industry Association,said in a speech at the opening ceremony of the 81st China Educational Equipment Exhibition.
When DKE Xiaobian was at the scene,he noticed that"intelligence","wisdom"and"digitalization"were high-frequency words in the exhibition hall.Under the tide of digital transformation,combined with the construction needs of the new generation of smart campus,many exhibitors bring new smart campus and smart classroom construction plans,focusing on the new education infrastructure,the integration of technology and education application scenario solutions as a new hot spot,to achieve the digital transformation of teaching,learning,research,management and measurement.
E-paper display technology enables education to lead innovation
As the largest,most influential and most professional educational equipment industry event in China and even in the global educational equipment industry,a number of intelligent education industry overall solution providers on site showed the cutting-edge applications of green electronic paper display technology,including e-books,electronic textbooks,smart pens,word cards,electronic ID cards,etc.,with comfortable eye protection,ultra-low power display technology first.It interprets the new concept and achievement of combining the intelligent education scene with electronic paper,makes paperless"teaching"and"learning"more efficient and intelligent,leads the development direction of educational equipment,and becomes the wind vane of the educational equipment market.
Electronic student card

Hanwang Science and Technology Exhibition area
Wisdom card

Reading Lang exhibition area
Word card

Iflytek exhibition area
E-paper books/e-textbooks

Iflytek exhibition area

Hanwang Science and Technology Exhibition area
Smart pen

Hanwang Science and Technology Exhibition area
On site,through the intelligent education terminal equipment with electronic paper display as the carrier,the exhibition audience immersive experience of intelligent teaching,intelligent classroom,intelligent homework,intelligent marking,resource question bank and other scenes,feel the interesting interactive experience created by the application of electronic paper display technology,as well as the advantages of health and eye protection,green,easy to use,safety and stability,etc.In-depth understanding of the unique features of intelligent education products and solutions based on electronic paper applications.
Intelligent learning hardware has become an important educational equipment
1.During the pandemic,most young people had experience of taking online classes at home

During the period of 2021-2022,the epidemic recurred across the country,affecting the study and life of young people and children to varying degrees.In the past year,90 percent of the students had the experience of taking classes at home,and 80 percent of them took online classes together for school reasons.
2.Attention should be paid to children's learning concentration and visual health

Parents of all school stages believe that their children are primarily faced with problems of learning concentration and health.Therefore,how to maintain the enthusiasm and motivation of young people to learn and protect their eyesight through technical and operational means is a problem that needs to be paid attention to and solved when the smart learning mode is becoming more and more common.
3.More and more new categories of commonly used educational supplies have been developed

Parents of children in each school section will buy textbooks,teaching AIDS,books,content,hardware and other educational supplies to assist and support their children's learning and growth.Entering the primary and middle school stage,in addition to the most common textbook exercises,more and more parents began to equip their children with all kinds of educational intelligent hardware.
The future of Education technology Electronic paper deepens the value of education
With the transition of The Times,coupled with the rapid development of science and technology,today's education is more dependent on the portable and powerful support brought by intelligent terminal equipment.As an intelligent hardware terminal product for education and teaching,with its characteristics of diverse categories,multi-sensory interaction and intelligent connection of things,it mainly focuses on education,companion learning,communication and other functions to serve teenagers and children.

Nowadays,the electronic paper display,which integrates various kinds of paper sense,no backlight,no staphyloscope in static picture,and ultra-low power consumption,is a very natural,healthy and green display product,and has become an ideal medium for a new paperless"teaching"and"learning"carrier.At the same time,electronic paper products have the advantages of traditional electronic products,which can save a lot of paper,greatly improve the portability,improve the efficiency of teaching interaction.CINNO Research predicts that the shipment of e-paper display products in the education market will reach 28 million units by 2025,and the market scale will continue to expand in the future.

The development of digital technology provides an effective boost to the development of intelligent education.In order to better meet the education revolution in the smart era,as a manufacturing service provider of electronic paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things,DKE will continue to increase its investment,continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technological advantages,carry out in-depth cooperation with upstream and downstream partners of the industry,and promote the rapid development of future education in intelligent innovation and sustainable environmental protection.For education services to expand a broader imagination space,create the application value of electronic paper in the field of education infinite possibilities.
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