E-paper table-meet the needs of modern office meeting

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Update time : 2022-02-23 16:53:31

Under the background of accelerating the establishment of digital transformation and development in China and advocating the concept of green,low-carbon and environmental protection,digitalization,paperless and intelligent have become the mainstream trend in the office field.

E-paper table-meet the needs of modern office meeting

E-paper table tablet stands now the mainstream trend of paperless office wisdom,to solve the traditional paper-based table tablet stands in the office meeting spot,mobile phone remote control,a key update real-time information,show clear and beautiful,effectively improve the meeting the elaborating management level and the enterprise office efficiency,sharply reduce the use of paper,energy conservation,environmental protection,reduce the human cost.

In display,the use of e-paper display technology,table tablet stands showing effect and paper,reflective,backlight,green eye,and refresh the power,according to the sustainable of ultra-low power consumption,there is no liquid crystal table tablet stands are blue eyes,big power consumption,such as the visual Angle of narrow,can better meet the demand of all kinds of conference scene,to improve the quality of the meeting.The conference is truly paperless,energy saving,low-carbon and environmental protection,which is the best display interface of modern information conferences.

Efficient and intelligent meeting scenarios

As the new favorite of paperless intelligent office meeting scene,e-paper table cards have been applied in various types of meetings nationwide,becoming the representative of a new generation of table cards,promoting the implementation and popularization of digital and paperless meetings,which has been unanimously recognized by government units and enterprises.

Next xiaobian take you to count the figure of electronic paper table cards in different scenarios~

Digital government

The fifth meeting of the 14th Committee of the CPPCC Nanchang

Foshan city economic work symposium and manufacturing enterprise symposium

Zhejiang(Hangzhou)Intellectual Property Innovation Industrial Park

Efficient enterprise

China Telecom

Sinopec Guangzhou Petrochemical Corporation

National Energy Group

The first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo

17th Chinese Scientists Forum

2021 Smart Expo 5G Innovation and Development Summit Forum

Guangzhou Bay Area Ecological Innovation Conference

E-paper tables meet meeting needs,improve meeting quality,improve traditional meeting mode,and have great advantages in energy saving,cost saving and efficiency improvement.It is believed that they will be applied to more intelligent office and other new application scenarios in the future.As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technologies to promote the development of e-paper intelligent office applications.

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