E-paper-to facilitate the development and innovation of smart logistics equipment

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  2021 is the first year of the”14th Five-Year Plan”.In the past year,China has comprehensively promoted the construction of modern circulation system and comprehensively accelerated the development of intelligent manufacturing,bringing great development opportunities for China’s intelligent logistics equipment.


2021 China smart logistics development


  In terms of policies,since 2021,the state has issued a series of policies and development plans,in which accelerating the development of China’s smart logistics is regarded as a key project and an important content.In his keynote speech at the Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transportation Conference in October 2021,Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of developing smart transportation and smart logistics,and promoting the deep integration of new technologies such as big data,artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things into the industry,so that people can enjoy their travel and things can flow smoothly.



  In the market,since 2021,the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and e-commerce express is the main driving force for the growth of intelligent logistics equipment demand,while the rising labor cost and machine generation are the core elements to promote the development of intelligent logistics.Take the express delivery industry as an example.In 2021,China’s express delivery volume reached 108.5 billion pieces,maintaining a high growth rate of 30 percent year-on-year.Such high growth is inconceivable without smart logistics equipment.



  In terms of technology,the Internet of Things,industrial Internet,artificial intelligence,logistics automation and other advanced technologies have begun to be integrated and applied in the logistics equipment industry,giving wings to the innovation of smart logistics equipment,promoting the iterative innovation of smart logistics equipment technology,and entering a technology-driven high-speed growth.


Application of e-paper in intelligent logistics


  Intelligent logistics equipment is the basic support of intelligent logistics,mainly embodied in intelligent storage and intelligent transportation.Electronic paper display,with the application of replacing traditional paper as the core,develops end products with sustainable development concept according to different scenarios,and has unique value in intelligent logistics equipment.



  Logistics label:In the process of logistics transportation,logistics label can display the name of goods,destination,transportation status and other information,and can be tracked at any time.The electronic paper display with ultra-low power consumption and long-lasting display is the best interface choice,which can also realize the low-carbon goal of recycling.



  Warehouse label:Based on the characteristic that electronic paper display screen often shows no power consumption,combined with the bar code clearly visible in complex environment and light,the application of smart warehouse label can achieve the effect of updating information at any time,reducing labor cost,reducing error rate and improving operation efficiency without significantly changing the existing infrastructure.



  Baggage tags:The feature of the electronic paper display when power is off enables the baggage tags to continuously display the existing information without power support,and passengers and airlines do not need to worry about security issues.The luggage tracking system,which allows passengers to see the status and location of their luggage through their smartphones,has attracted the attention of airlines,which continue to introduce related apps.



  Intelligent packaging:focusing on the development prospect of low-carbon green recyclable packaging,the environment-friendly ultra-low power consumption electronic paper display as the display interface of the electronic surface sheet is applied to logistics and distribution equipment,which can greatly reduce the power loss,reduce the cost of electricity,reach 24 hours of green electricity,and link enterprises,businesses and consumers to reduce carbon for the society.


  In 2022,the interconnection of smart logistics technology and equipment will become the general trend.As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technologies,and apply the characteristics of e-paper bistable and reflective technology to display interfaces in more logistics scenes.We will give full play to the benefits of e-paper,such as electricity saving,environmental protection,green and low-carbon,and help the smart logistics industry to further develop.

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