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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards,consumers have higher requirements for home furnishing.After meeting basic needs,they begin to pay attention to the characteristics of products such as health and intelligence.The trend of intelligent,convenient,green and healthy development in home furnishing industry is increasingly prominent.

The era of smart home has arrived

In recent years,smart home can provide more convenience,comfort,safety,energy saving family living environment,consumer demand for its strong,the market shows a high-speed growth pattern.

According to the research report”2021 Global Smart Home Forecast”released by the authoritative research agency Strategy Analytics,the global consumer spending on smart home products and services will break through the$100 billion mark in 2021,reaching$123 billion,up 44%year on year.Strong growth continues in the coming years,with the smart home market expected to grow to$173 billion by 2025.

Combined with data from IDC,an authoritative research institution,the shipment of smart home devices in China will reach 200 million units in 2020,and will usher in a strong rebound in 2021.In the first quarter of 2021,China’s smart home device market shipped 46.99 million units,up 27.7%year on year,and annual shipments are expected to reach 250 million units,up 21%year on year.

In addition,the development of 5G,artificial intelligence,Internet of Things and other technologies has once again promoted the growth of the overall smart home market,which is expected to increase to 192.3 billion yuan in 2021.

E-paper display into modern smart home

With the continuous development of a number of technologies and applications in home manufacturing,people pay more attention to the characteristics of”smart home makes life have a better sleep and rest,worry free life,and family company”when buying smart home.

Because of its bistable and reflective characteristics,electronic paper display screen has many characteristics,such as ultra-low power consumption,paper-like sense,no blue light,energy-saving comfort,thin and thin,ultra-wide Angle of view,etc.It is the most ideal interface for all kinds of intelligent display at home,and has been widely used in a variety of home life scenes.

E-paper calendar

The e-paper display displays calendar time,schedule,memos,family messages and other contents,and synchronizes with the smart phone to automatically update the message information.If the contents on the screen remain unchanged after each display,it does not consume power and has super endurance.

The alarm clock

Electronic paper is used as the display screen of the alarm clock and the headlight is configured.The display interface is clear and the visual effect is the same as paper,which can minimize the harmful blue light that interferes with sleep.At the same time,the soft headlight setting at night can reduce the interference to sleep cycle.

The thermostat

Electronic paper maintains the characteristic of permanent display,can keep the temperature controller screen information display without consuming any electricity,electronic paper display does not emit light,but also makes the home use environment more comfortable.

Smart remote control

Log in the remote control interface of a variety of electrical appliances,integrate different remote controls into one,use electronic paper display instead of LCD screen,lower energy consumption,more energy saving,prolong battery life.Users can customize the display of keys according to their own needs and habits,which is more convenient to use.

Household medical equipment

Most of the users of home medical devices such as blood glucose meters are the elderly and diabetics.Compared with traditional LCD screens,e-paper displays do not emit light or blue light,which greatly reduces the damage to users’eyes.

The e-paper display screen on the cover of the smart medicine box naturally and clearly displays information such as medication quantity and drug status.The screen will continue to display after the power failure,so that patients can take medicine at home more timely and safer.

Electronic paper display more and more appear in our daily life,for us to create a more intelligent,convenient,energy-saving comfortable and green healthy living environment.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies,and help more intelligent home products integrating electronic paper technology to be launched,so as to change our future life and bring new happiness experience.

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