Exploring circular economy, How can e-paper enable the ideal economic model of sustainable development?

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A circular economy describes an economy in which materials are used and reused,rather than being used and then thrown away,so that our resources can become more environmentally sustainable.
In recent years,the concept of circular economy has brought a breakthrough change to the traditional mode of social and economic development.Its basic characteristics of"low consumption,low emission and high efficiency"are increasingly clear in different levels,ranges and degrees.However,most people's cognition of it is still just a concept stage.
Below,we take you step by step through the logic and evolution of this concept,and discover how e-paper displays are enabling value in light of this ideal economic paradigm shift.
We need circular economy to replace linear economy
A traditional linear economy is a system in which raw materials are harvested at the beginning of a product's life cycle and discarded at the end.
Comparison between linear economy and circular economy

Source:Circular Economy Regional Practice
In a linear economy,value creation can only be sustained through the development and use of more and more raw materials,eventually overloading resources.Another characteristic of a linear economy is that once products have reached the end of their useful lives,they are discarded and the materials they use are no longer economically meaningful.
In order to overcome the environmental and resource crisis in the process of global modernization,the transformation from traditional linear economy to new circular economy is an inevitable trend.
The logic of reducing emissions behind circular economy
Circular economy,as the current circular approach of green economy and low-carbon economy,is promoted in a coordinated way by policies,technology support,market drive and public participation.

Schematic diagram of emission reduction mechanism of circular economy
Circular economy measures affect all stages of the product life cycle.By changing the source green design,production and use mode,looking for green raw material replacement,green technology transformation,upgrading product service system innovation,etc.,the consumption of resources and waste emissions are reduced to the maximum extent,and are applicable to all industry segments.
Electronic paper display is a circular economy product
Products that conform to the circular economy are designed to be reusable products.When products are reused,they help reduce the need for new resources and allow renewable resources to grow,effectively reducing overall resource consumption.
DKE e-paper product cycle life cycle

DKE electronic Paper Display products demonstrate a circular product life cycle.
Some common end-products that fit this description that use DKE e-paper displays include reusable e-paper labels,electronic price tags(ESL),e-paper conference tables,e-paper bus stop signs,e-paper ward door plates,e-paper bedside cards,e-paper storage labels,recyclable logistics packaging,campus smart education,smart home,smart wearable cards,and wisdom Hui civil aviation,indoor and outdoor billboards,not only meet the global sustainable development of green environmental protection,digital Internet new requirements,but also promote the green innovation of the industrial chain,steady development and innovative development.
DKE:Focus on the three trends of circular economy
As a professional manufacturing and service provider of new electronic paper display technology in the field of global Internet of Things,DKE Orient has continued to deepen its efforts in e-paper products and technology,and is committed to three trends that enable Internet of Things to seek circular economy development enterprises:re-focus on design,cooperative expansion and innovation,and accelerate circular system.
Trend 1:Focus on green design and extend service life

Extending the life of products at their root means reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials needed to make new products.
According to this idea,DKE electronic paper display has the unique characteristics of passive constant display,ultra-low power consumption,bendability,thin and durable,so that the terminal products can be used more frequently and longer in good condition,helping enterprises to reduce carbon emissions from the source.
Trend two:Cooperative expansion and innovation to unleash energy efficiency
As enterprises seek greater benefits in digital and green transformation development,they must balance sustainable development,intelligent and efficient operations and return on investment.
For more than 10 years,DKE has worked with world-renowned partners to provide customers with the best e-paper Internet of Things solutions,which are widely used in many projects in the field of Internet of things,such as electronic label,smart office,smart medical treatment,smart transportation,warehousing and logistics,smart home,smart finance,so as to save energy,release innovation vitality,and harvest energy benefits from the root.
Trend 3:Limit recycling and speed up the cycle

According to the United Nations,in 2022,the world's e-waste reached 57.4 million tons,surpassing the weight of the Great Wall of China,the largest man-made structure on Earth,for the first time.Only 17.4 percent of e-waste could be recycled.Therefore,we need to speed up the circular economy and keep products and materials recycled for as long as possible.
Compared with traditional waste products and raw materials,DKE electronic paper display can be recycled faster and stronger,enterprises do not need more original resources and resource budget costs,speed up the recycling system while helping to reduce the environmental impact.
The social and economic picture of promoting the development of circular economy and realizing net zero emissions will gradually become clear.When the new electronic paper display technology and products are more widely and comprehensively integrated into the operation and life of various industrial enterprises and individuals,the environmental benefits,social benefits and economic benefits brought by the low-carbon and environmental protection properties of electronic paper will be more obvious.
In this context,DKE will accelerate the technology research and development and production of color and flexible large-size e-paper displays,and develop a new product portfolio to help the e-paper industry in a highly consistent future with the two-carbon strategy,recyclable economy and digital revolution.
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