2023 Travel heat continues to go high electronic paper travel equipment with you to poetry and the distance

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On February 20,China Tourism Academy released the Blue Book of China's Tourism Economy(No.15),which estimated that the number of domestic tourists in 2023 would be 4.55 billion,a year-on-year increase of 73%;The number of inbound and outbound tourists is expected to exceed 90 million this year,doubling year-on-year.

When it comes to travel,the most important thing to do before departure is to book flights and hotels.Then follow Xiaobian together to see,what electronic paper travel equipment is necessary for travel?It may sound strange,but if you look closely,you will find many things we really need.
E-book reader

If you are a travel reader,then carrying an ebook reader with you is ideal.It's not wise to carry too many books with you while traveling,and if you use your phone all the time,it's a waste of battery power.The e-book reader has the paper-like vision of the electronic paper display,which does not hurt the eyes for a long time to read.It completely replicates the reading experience of paper books,which meets the needs of travel and leisure and saves space very much.
Electronic paper notebook

As we take in more and more information while traveling,note-taking apps are designed to help us"make our lives better"whenever and wherever we go.Ebook reader not only provides a reading interface similar to paper,with the addition of handwriting support,both the original handwriting handwriting function,at any time to record important information and experience can effectively save paper consumption and reduce the weight of the backpack.
Electronic paper smart bracelet

How to travel without missing important information,but without having to pull out your phone all the time?The smart electronic paper bracelet with cool appearance style and comprehensive functions is worth choosing.The smart bracelet equipped with flexible electronic paper display is visible under sunlight,passive constant display,flexible,ultra-thin and light,which can solve the demand of traditional wearable devices for frequent outdoor charging,improve users'outdoor use time and experience,and make the movement more light and free of burden.
In addition to traditional functions such as time display,information reception and sports monitoring,the smart bracelet Qkey released by Tencent also has the function of mobile payment.It can be used as an online bank payment or an alternative text message verification code to provide financial security protection for mobile payment.
Digital currency wallet

Although mobile payment is very convenient at present,it is impossible to make mobile payment when the phone battery is out of power or the network is down,etc.,bringing an efficient and convenient e-paper digital currency wallet can prevent such problems.Digital RMB video card and hardware wallet use electronic paper display as the display interface,low power consumption,after power failure,the information in the card continues to display,stable operation,does not affect user consumption,in daily life is also very portable.
Electronic luggage tag

Waste time waiting in line to check your flight?Luggage bar code off Luggage lost?Have to wait for the airport authorities to tell you if your luggage is delayed?Face all kinds of embarrassment,an electronic luggage tag can avoid.
Electronic luggage tag is a kind of green,low-carbon and environmentally friendly recyclable technology product promoted by International Air Transport Association worldwide.It uses NFC radio frequency energy induction of standard mobile phone to generate weak current to realize electronic paper display refresh.Users can check in their luggage on their mobile phones,put their luggage in the self-check-in device after arriving at the airport,or check the status of their luggage on the airline's APP.
Driven by the development of new technologies,the mobility landscape is being reshaped by cutting-edge technologies.Facing the new opportunities for the development of travel technology,as a manufacturing service provider of new electronic paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things,DKE products of various sizes standard dot matrix products and flexible products are mainly used in smart watches,smart bracelets,exercise pedometer,multifunctional smart cards,electronic labels,etc.,enabling all industries to improve green efficiency and help travel happiness"upgrade file".
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