How does e-paper enable the digital development Practice and Trend of Museums from the perspective of New technology

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Scientific and technological innovation is an important support for the sustainable development of cultural relics.The 14th Five-Year Plan for Cultural Relics Protection and Scientific and Technological Innovation for the first time included scientific and technological innovation and cultural relics protection in the title of the plan.In the context of the continuous integration of culture and science and technology,how to find the balance point of science and technology enabling,and how to integrate digital technology into the museum system has become a hot topic at present.
In this issue,"E"starts the insight column.Xiaobian will lead you to focus on the change of exhibition mode in the field of culture and museology under the background of Internet and digitalization,and explore how electronic paper display technology can enable the digital development of museum system to be smarter,healthier and lower carbon.
"The light of Technology"makes blogging more"powerful"
Product development and business innovation are inseparable from the power of technology,and the field of culture and museology is no exception.With the continuous development of the information age,advanced digital technologies such as big data,cloud computing,Internet of Things,and artificial intelligence enable museums to promote the digitization and information process of museum heritage resources,which has become an important symbol and development direction of modern museum digitization construction.

In order to make cultural relics"alive"and"hot",the major museums at home and abroad have made every effort to accelerate the embrace of cloud computing,5G and other technologies,towards digital transformation.Under the"support"of these new technologies,many museums have been"out of the circle"frequently by virtue of strong technology,aesthetic practice.
Museums with digital and intelligent wings are building a broader and more powerful cultural space for the public.It has not only achieved good social and economic benefits,but also played an important role in supporting the development of the cultural industry,especially the exhibition and promotion and public cultural services.
The Perfect Fusion of Electronic Paper and Museum
Offline digital innovation of museums makes collections and cultural relic stories"come alive",presenting real,accurate,intuitive and vivid collection history and culture to the public.
In recent years,museums have been promoting digital transformation with their inch-sized,easily overlooked but indispensable signs in front of the exhibits.Currently,some national museums have chosen to use electronic paper displays instead of traditional exhibition signs to create a different display style and experience.

In the 34,000 square meters of open space,the Estonian National Museum uses over 600 electronic paper displays as interpretation boards for exhibits.Combined with NFC technology,it displays cultural relics of daily life in different times with large text,and can be set up to more than 50 languages to meet the different needs of visitors and convey rich information.

The Leicester Museum in the UK has introduced electronic paper signs since 2021,which not only displays the introduction of works,but also uses them as an interactive interface to display the audience's discussion,views and feelings on the exhibits in real time,spreading the cultural values behind the exhibits more widely.
Electronic paper makes communication smart and warm
It can be seen that electronic paper display technology makes museums and cultural relics protection more intimate and attractive,and also makes the operation,management and service of venues more intelligent,providing users with a richer,smarter and warmer digital experience.
Make digital experiences smarter

By combining intelligent system and NFC transmission technology,electronic paper interpretation board can display information dynamically in real time and digitalization,which contributes to the realization of intelligent paperless museum system.
Make the digital experience healthier

Electronic paper displays retain the texture of traditional paper signs,with a highly paper-like display effect,no blue light,no self-lighting,and no adverse effects on eye health.
Make the digital experience low-carbon

While replacing traditional paper printing,electronic paper display can operate for several months at a time on a charge,and there is no light pollution.It is an ideal display device of energy saving and low carbon.
It has become an irresistible trend to integrate culture,science popularization and education with digitalization.It is believed that the continuous breakthrough and development of electronic paper display technology in the future will be more conducive to the transformation and upgrading of the museum into a smart cultural exhibition place with sustainable development,which will attract more people to interact and experience on site.
Looking back,information,digitization,intelligence,metauniverse construction...Today,museums around the world are being turned upside down.
As a manufacturing service provider of electronic paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things,DKE Dongfang is always committed to letting electronic paper enter every family and every organization,and building an intelligent world where everything is connected.
In the future,with the continuous enrichment and development of innovation in the field of culture and museology,we will realize the full combination of electronic paper display products and technology with the industry,to help the rapid change of culture and technology industry,and bring more benefits and value.
That's DKE Oriental Pulse"E"insight.See you next time!
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