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Update time : 2022-11-29 10:27:37
From November 15 to 18,2022,the Electronica2022 Munich Electronic Components Fair and the IOTE2022 18th International iot Fair were successfully held in Munich,Germany and Shenzhen,China.
Color e-paper--DKE Full color series debuts at Electronica2022
As the largest professional exhibition in the global electronics industry,Electronica2022 is a refresh of the perception and perception of cutting-edge technology from the perspective of visitors and the quality and scale of exhibitors.

At the exhibition site,DKE,relying on its technical strength and product competitiveness,attracted the attention and in-depth communication of many visitors.

The full-color series of products on display have attracted high attention from all walks of life in the industry because of their rich colors,vivid expression,visual texture comparable to printed posters,and the advantages of being more suitable for the multi-color demand environment.

The head of DKE's European business said,"E-paper displays have significant advantages in low-carbon and environment-friendly smart cities.With the continuous development of new technologies such as big data,Internet of Things and artificial intelligence,they will play a great role in promoting the development of various industries in the new era and new market environment.Two years later,we bring a full range of products and technology applications to Munich,Germany.We hope that users in Germany,Europe and even the world can have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of DKE's technological strength and product innovation."

Although the four-day electronic Components industry event has come to an end under the great attention of all,DKE is still looking forward to sharing and communicating with partners from all walks of life in the future,jointly deepening the technological innovation of the electronic paper industry,and contributing to the green and sustainable development of the global industry!
IOTE2022 pulse style and strength show hardcore debut
The 18th International Internet of Things Exhibition(IOTE2022)was held under the theme of"Digital intelligence core Life,cloud co-creation",bringing together more than 400 professional enterprises from smart city,smart retail,industrial logistics,smart medical and other fields,covering the whole industry chain of perception layer-transmission layer-computing and platform layer-application layer.

As a professional e-paper manufacturer,DKE Branch participated in the exhibition for the first time,and brought a full series of products and technologies to the e-paper ecological zone,and conducted in-depth communication and technical discussion with the experts in the field of Internet of Things and the audience.

In the live broadcast of IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition·e-Paper Innovation Application zone booth,the head of DKE China gave a detailed introduction on the enterprise development,manufacturing scale,product technology,marketing services and the features of the exhibition hall,attracting industry practitioners and guests to stop and watch.

With the booming development of the Internet of Things and the trend of"green"and"low-carbon"atmosphere in the society,the electronic paper display with the advantage of ultra-low power consumption will penetrate into every industry more quickly,and gradually open the green technology revolution of digital and recyclable traditional paper.
Through this exhibition,DKE Oriental Vein has a deeper understanding of the current market trends.In order to better meet customer needs and cope with industry challenges and opportunities,we will live up to expectations in the future,continue to work with upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain to make breakthroughs and innovations,develop diversified technology applications of e-paper,explore new market value,and build momentum for the in-depth development of the Internet of Things industry.
Although the exhibition has come to an end,we have never stopped.We are grateful to all of you for coming together.DKE Branch looks forward to seeing you again next year to exchange new technologies,share new experiences and promote new cooperation!
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