DKE Electronics 2022-Multi-application of electronic paper to accelerate the green and sustainable development of industry

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Update time : 2022-11-22 09:19:51

On November 15,2022,the Electronica2022 Electronics Fair Germany opened with a grand opening.A total of 3124 well-known companies from all over the world gathered.As a manufacturing provider of new electronic paper display technology in the Internet of Things,DKE Orient Experienced Manufacturer with"E-paper"as the theme,discussing the future of electronic paper market with global partners.
Founded in 1964,the Electronic Components Exhibition(Electronica)has become one of the world's largest and most influential electronic components exhibition after more than 40 years of development.
This time,DKE Oriental Pulma brought full-color and full-series e-paper display module products and industrial applications in various fields to show the global audience the full range of e-paper technology strength and smart city life scene.Highlights of the exhibition include:
Full color series

In this exhibition,DKE full-color series electronic paper products were displayed in the overseas market.The product portfolio of 4.01 inch to 25.3 inch was displayed.The color contrast was significantly improved,and the vision was closer to that of paper printed posters,which were suitable for digital tag,movable advertising board,indoor billboard and other fields.For example,advertising billboards and restaurant menus presented by full-color electronic paper display screens,combined with wireless transmission technology,can achieve a more diversified and eye-catching display interface,more flexible to meet the needs of multi-industry color upgrading.
New Retail

The electronic price tag and menu plate presented by the electronic paper module products as the display interface are displayed in the application scenarios of supermarket,fresh food and catering.DKE e-paper displays offer the advantages of ultra-low power consumption,180 degree wide viewing Angle,multiple color choices and paper-like vision in various light conditions,both intelligent and environmental benefits.
Intelligent education

For the field of intelligent education,e-paper display can provide ultra-long endurance and paper-like display mode,so that users can experience the focused reading scene without blue light and eye injury,and interpret the innovative application value of e-paper technology in the paperless education and information age.
smart medical care

In the smart medical scene,DKE and its partners jointly exhibited important terminal devices in the medical scene,such as intelligent consultation screen with electronic paper as display screen,ward door plate,bedside card of hospital bed,drug inventory management label,etc.By using the characteristics of thin,paper-like,no blue light and no eye damage,electronic paper is perfectly integrated into the medical ward to provide patients with comfortable experience.
Smart Transportation

In the field of intelligent transportation,DKE Oriental Pulse,together with its partners,takes typical subway station signs and subway handle billboards as examples to demonstrate how electronic paper products with ultra-low power consumption,energy saving and clear vision in outdoor sunlight can be combined with traffic management system to realize intelligent urban transportation,digital upgrading and transformation and green and low carbon emission.
Logistics and warehousing

For the field of logistics and warehousing,DKE and its partners jointly displayed e-paper logistics turnover label and e-paper storage label on site.Using e-paper products instead of traditional paper labels,the bistable feature allows the electronic label to maintain operation for several weeks without power consumption,which helps the logistics and warehousing industry"reduce carbon and increase green".
Over the years,as the world's leading manufacturer and service provider of new electronic paper display technology in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Orient has always been committed to continuous upgrading of electronic paper products and technology,and continuous innovation together with global industrial chain partners.

In the future,we will focus on the research and development and application of flexible color e-paper and large-size e-paper module products,break through the technical barriers of the industry,develop more intelligent,paperless and diversified innovative applications,in order to support the intelligent and green upgrading of the global industry ecological data.
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