DKE on the prevention of fraudulent email address sent warning notice

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Author : DKE
Update time : 2022-10-08 15:20:48

All units,departments and partners:

Recently,according to the network security report of our information management department and the results of daily security inspection,it was found that some criminals disguised the email address of DKE Branch,disguised the sender's name as the system administrator to send messages,and requested to change the password in the form of attachment link.

Typical cases:

Although the background of the mail system has been found to intercept the fake mail rules,but in order to prevent the criminals will still change the sending IP,mail address,mail content and continue to send false mail,please all units,departments,partners must improve the security awareness,pay attention to the prevention!

Safety Reminder:

1.Our company has completely stopped using the email domain name of dkelcd and updated it to;

2.If the email involves changing the password,please carefully check whether the email is complete and accurate,and make sure that there is no phishing link or phishing attachment.

3.Do not click on advertisements or attachments unrelated to work content.If you receive an email with a hyperlink in the content,and click the jump to ask you to enter your email address or account and password for identity authentication,be vigilant and do not believe it;

4.In case of account change,receipt and payment,please contact the person in charge of the cooperative unit directly for second check and confirmation;

5.For email contents that cannot be identified,please contact DKE Oriental Branch Information Management Department in time to help solve the problem.

If you encounter any suspicious mail,you can forward it to guocl for consultation,or contact us at 0411-85277766.


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