DKE Shanghai operation center has fully resumed work and production

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Author : DKE
Update time : 2022-06-13 14:40:46

Shanghai has resumed work and life in the city since June 1,as major progress has been made in the prevention and control of COVID-19.The Shanghai operation center of DKE Co.,Ltd.responded positively to the call of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and government,and on the premise of epidemic prevention management,had fully resumed work and production as of June 6.

Under the special situation of epidemic prevention and control,DKE Shanghai Operation Center never slacken its efforts in epidemic prevention and control,and never waver in resuming work and production.Together with all staff,DKE Shanghai Operation Center will tide over difficulties and stabilize the development of the enterprise.

We will do our utmost to ensure economic growth through recovery

In the face of new global outbreak and market environment pressure,DKE east branch vein Shanghai operations center measures simultaneously,more frequent prepare to return to work and production work,layers of decomposition,top-down responsibility for all the work is careful planning and orderly,will also be ready to work with various functional departments,to provide power to the various business edition piece smoothly,Enabling enterprises to achieve business growth despite the impact of the epidemic.

The epidemic free workplace is in good order

Companies adhere to the"people,things,places"and the prevention,and the tube,to carry out the pledge funds for return to work and production of enterprises,the company ahead of the new league epidemic emergency plan preparation,equipped with masks,detergent,medical gloves,hand sanitizer,antigen detection reagent and epidemic prevention materials,such as office environment xiaosha place code to post,at the same time the work of fire control safety inspection work,Ensure a clean office environment and the personal safety of office staff,create a"disease-free workplace",so that employees can safely return to work.

In the office,employees wear masks and are busy at their posts.Each team ensures to restore to the original production level as soon as possible to escort customers and partners.

"Epidemic"road has me to warm people's hearts

Let companies are facing an unprecedented outbreak caused by long-term isolation external pressure,DKE east branch vein Shanghai operations center adhere to the people-oriented,give priority to employee needs,understand to Shanghai employees happened during that occupy the home life supplies insufficient situation,actively mobilize resources,the first time for employees to send supplies to the village,and encourage employees to participate in community volunteer service activities,Promote positive energy and fulfill social responsibilities.

Cloud open epidemic spread sentient beings day,resumption of work and production.During the outbreak in Shanghai,we have been preparing for the resumption of work,returning to work one after another,and providing logistics support.We have wasted no time to show our speed and responsibility for the resumption of work.DKE Oriental Kemai always believes that development is the top priority.As long as the country has measures and the enterprise has confidence,we will overcome the difficulties together with our employees and make all-out efforts to start a new start in June with"recovery".

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