Electronic paper Label technology"Assist"

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Update time : 2022-06-13 15:44:38
As the COVID-19 epidemic has achieved initial results,many enterprises are focusing on how to better resume work and production,smooth transition and safeguard their interests.Manufacturing industry,in particular,is faced with labor difficulties,high costs,difficult data management and other problems.In order to restore the supply chain as soon as possible,intelligent and digital transformation of manufacturing industry is necessary and urgent.
Electronic tags help enterprises resume production and work

In the critical period of the epidemic,more and more manufacturing enterprises rely on automated production,digital and intelligent warehouse management,and visual display and docking of information Internet of Things to provide power for the resumption of work and production.For example,the intelligent production line is equipped with electronic labels,and the e-paper display is used as a kanban to visualize the operation status of production process nodes and equipment,so as to speed up the recovery of the effective capacity level of the enterprise and reduce the losses caused by the epidemic.
It's safer to reduce the risk of exposure

During the special period of the epidemic,the risk of face-to-face contact between personnel and the loss of time for personnel inspection were avoided,realizing a win-win situation in the fight against the epidemic.
Improve equipment utilization efficiency

Management personnel update online,to achieve the effectiveness of information,to ensure the accuracy of information,so that the on-site staff the first time to grasp the situation.
Easy inventory of equipment assets

It is very labor-intensive and error-prone for enterprises to take inventory after the resumption of work and production.With electronic labels,the number of equipment can be easily controlled.In case of emergency,it can quickly locate the situation and relevant personnel to take measures in advance.
It is convenient for employees to operate

E-labels facilitate onsite personnel to learn about multiple auxiliary information,and directly change device information through handheld devices.In this way,onsite bidirectional operation is implemented to achieve digital and intelligent management.
Why choose e-paper display technology to enable e-tags

Electronic paper display shows technical stability,low power consumption,not replace the picture without electricity,can be out of power,in the complex industrial production environment,can be embedded into the machine at will,cabinet or buy used in operation stage,displays as the man-machine operation interface,reduce the wastage of the installation and the cost control,improve the use efficiency of industrial equipment and management level.

The e-label uses e-paper display to display real-time data with device operation for a long time without needing to be plugged in.It has a long service life,stably transmits information,and improves the convenience and accuracy of operation.In addition,electronic paper display is not affected by backlight and external ambient light,and can be seen clearly at a distance or under strong external light,improving work efficiency.

With the electronic paper price tag equipped with LED lights,employees can turn on the LED lights flashing in the background,and the LED lights with different colors display the different status of the electronic label,reminding employees to locate the electronic label quickly and solve the corresponding problems in time.
In the current"epidemic"special period,electronic label technology to help industrial production and manufacturing industry quickly resume work and production,electronic paper display in intelligent storage management highlights its advantages,will become the consensus of more enterprises,in the industrial storage field to a further layer of application.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies,help electronic price tags to realize more applications,accelerate the process of automatic intelligent management,and improve the operation and management efficiency of manufacturing enterprises.
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