E Ink, together with DKE and other module partners, is fully promoting the application of color electronic paper

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Update time : 2022-04-19 09:40:55

E Ink,the world's leading e-paper manufacturer,announced today(12 April)that it has brought together six e-paper module partners,including:Boe,DKE,Jiangxi Xingtai Technology,Innolux optoelectronics,Qingyue Technology,Yasi Optoelectronics are working together to promote E Ink Gallery™Palette and E Ink Gallery™Plus color e-paper applications.

E Ink Gallery Plus total Reflection color e-paper display adopts E Ink's latest ACeP™technology to achieve a full-color display effect containing eight primary colors through four color E-ink particles:cyan,magenta,yellow and white.E Ink Gallery Palette is based on E Ink ACeP technology,supporting seven colors including black,white,red,yellow,blue,green and orange,which have the highest use rate for normal display billboards.It is highly used for electronic paper applications with low reduction in electricity and limited color display.Applicable to retail,education,office,transportation,medical,industrial,logistics and other fields.

PTC has been making great efforts to promote the application of electronic paper for a long time,and has made continuous progress in three color electronic paper technologies,namely black and white,black and white,red and yellow,and launched three color electronic paper technologies in recent years.Li Zhenghao,chairman of E Ink,said:"As the range of e-paper products and applications and the scale of the e-paper industry continue to grow,E Ink,as the leader of e-paper technology,calls on the module partner companies in the ecosystem to cooperate.E Ink supplies the color e-paper film,and each partner company develops the color e-paper module of various sizes.Work together to more actively promote the application of color e-paper in smart display products,bring green and low-carbon e-paper applications to more smart cities,and promote global sustainable development."

Using 30 million 10-inch electronic billboards around the world for five years,e-paper billboards produce 12,000 times less carbon dioxide than LCD billboards.Compared with single-use printed paper,e-paper billboards with low carbon,dynamic display and paper-like features can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60,000 times.As the digital trend drives retailers to accelerate the adoption of dynamic e-paper billboards,in addition to saving manpower and increasing efficiency,e-paper billboards can reduce the consumption of more environmental resources,help reduce carbon dioxide emissions,and increase the contribution to environmental sustainability.

"BOE e-paper products cover 1-inch to 32-inch models,featuring high contrast,wide viewing Angle,ultra-low power consumption,high reflectivity and comfortable reading,"said Chen Rengui,senior vice president of BOE Technology Group.The strategic cooperation with PTC promotes the common development of both sides in the field of electronic paper.In the future,BOE hopes to jointly develop and promote color electronic paper products with Yuantai Technology,conduct comprehensive research on the application of Internet of Things,and better introduce color products into the market by virtue of the integration ability of industrial chain such as backplane,module and complete machine.In line with the concept of'deep cooperation,collaborative development and value co-creation',BOE will make common progress with YUANtai Technology to help achieve the net zero carbon goal and promote the sustainable development of the industry!"

"Congratulations on the successful launch of E Ink Gallery Palette,"said Zhou Aijun,president of DKE.The release of E Ink Gallery Palette has promoted the application of e-paper Palette in an all-round way,and it will shine brightly in intelligent education,commercial advertising,public display and other scenes.In the future,DKE and PTEK will continue their in-depth cooperation in E Ink Gallery Palette color electronic paper products,combine their own technical advantages in the industry,explore richer product applications,and create extraordinary value in the digital display scene of the Internet of Things.We look forward to the rapid expansion of E Ink Gallery Palette color e-paper products in the global market and the early realization of our vision of paperless,net-zero carbon emissions."

Xiao Xuming,General Manager of Jiangxi Xingtai Technology,said,"PVI has been a close strategic partner since 2015 to actively promote the development of the e-paper ecosystem.Today,as a new generation E Ink color electronic paper technology,the advent of xing tai science and technology will deepen TFT substrate glass,drive technology,flexible process,such as r&d,increased investment in marketing and in various application fields,promote the construction of the ecosystem and perfect,especially in retail,education,health care,logistics,and other areas of the application ecosystem.We believe that through further cooperation,we will be able to push color e-paper displays to better use situations."

Innoluminescence has cooperated with PTI for many years,from providing e-paper TFT substrate to now jointly developing the latest full-color e-paper billboard application of 28-inch E Ink Gallery Plus,and entering the e-paper application field of public transportation and retail scene.Group of optoelectronics,managing Yang Zhuxiang said:"the display panel application has diversified development trend,the group of deep display panel field,using the strong strength of panel manufacturing for many years,continuous research and development new areas of application and development of niche products,differentiation strategy and innovation opportunity,continue towards industrial cross-domain integration,expanding series ecosystem scene.Group today and is a great pleasure to cooperate with pvi technology development color multiple applications,electronic paper group and become a full panel of push technology providers,in addition to gain market competitive advantage,because of electronic paper have sustainable value properties such as low power,economy of materials  and carbon reduction,group a and pvi together for the earth to environmental protection,hand in hand toward the ESG towards sustainable development."

Dr.Yudi Gao,Chairman of Qingyue Technology,said:"Qingyue Technology has been promoting the high-quality development of the new display industry,adhering to the market-oriented,innovation-led approach.We have always attached great importance to the cooperation with E Ink in the innovative application of electronic paper display technology."E-ink"has unique display characteristics and broad market development prospects in the Internet of Things era.The cooperation between the two parties in E Ink Gallery Palette technology will break the bottleneck of the current application of e-paper in some fields and promote the application of e-paper in more diversified fields.We are currently actively planning for the new field of color e-paper applications,and we believe that color e-paper terminal products will be introduced to everyone in the near future."

Ms.Bian Ruiqun,executive Vice President of Asia Optoelectronics(Group)Co.,LTD.,general manager of Qixin Optoelectronics Co.,LTD.,said:"We are very optimistic about the paper-like characteristics,eye protection characteristics and information carrier characteristics of color electronic paper products.The company believes that color e-paper has great potential in public advertising applications,especially bus stops,subways,conference tables,id cards and other applications."

*The above partners are in alphabetical order by company name.

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