The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's policy supports e-paper to bring a more colorful future to the world

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Update time : 2022-04-18 18:08:00

As the information display carrier and human-computer interaction window in the digital era,the display industry has become the key cornerstone of upgrading information consumption,strengthening the digital economy and developing the electronic information industry.The overall trend is rising,and a number of new display technology products are accelerating to the market.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:strengthen the layout of electronic paper display industry

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT)has deployed key tasks for 2022,among which a number of initiatives have provided positive impetus to the development of the e-paper industry.

In 2022,we will focus on building China into a manufacturing powerhouse,give top priority to steady industrial growth,and coordinate efforts to strengthen and strengthen chains,tackle key technological challenges,transform the digital economy,and pursue green and low-carbon development.

In terms of strengthening innovation and promoting transformation and upgrading,the Department of Electronic Information of miIT will focus on basic electronic components,key electronic equipment and electronic materials,and strengthen the forward-looking industrial layout of Micro-LED,electronic paper,silica-based OLED and printed display.

To achieve carbon peak carbon neutrality,accelerate the industrialization of new and efficient components,improve the comfort and ease of use of terminal products,and accelerate the pace of industrial innovation and development.

Electronic paper display has low power consumption,and continue to show the excellent properties,such as electricity,eye as emerging display products in boost global vision to carry out the wisdom of the city,achieve the sustainable development of environment carbon neutral,accelerating towards the market,in the education,commercial,transportation,medical,office applications such as expansion.

Multiple drives lead to large-scale application of color electronic paper

With the continuous improvement of people's demand for display and the progress of technological innovation and research and development,in recent years,color electronic paper technology has finally accelerated the process of breaking the ice,both the increase of color and the presentation of the effect have obvious progress.

Taking DKE Oriental Kemai as an example,the e-paper display has evolved from black and white dual-color,black and white red/yellow tri-color to color e-paper display.New products are constantly emerging to complete their own upgrading and transformation,so as to help build a smart city vision of sustainable development.

Listed on the latest high quality,the total reflection type Color e-paper displays N Color series of high-profile,but according to different ambient light into various scenarios,use black,white,red,yellow,blue,green and orange seven Color particles,using the principle of electric drive,seven colors mixed Color,will form a panchromatic domain Color saturation and vivid display effect.

Super scenario,therefore,is suitable for application in retailers,as color electronic goods price and promotion billboards to display the real-time price and promotions,posters printed type printing effect perfectly adapted to the of retail low carbon environmental protection,the requirements of digitalization and interconnection,meet the demand of retailers color marketing showing at the same time,further enhancing the working efficiency of the business super stores,reduce the burden of human.

Advanced Color electronic paper display N Color can also be used in traffic,medical,office and other public areas of information board,display electronic information,to ensure the correctness of information transmission,combined with electronic paper without backlight is not dazzling characteristics,better enhance people's comfort in the environment,deepen the publicity effect.

Driven by national policy support,technological innovation and application expansion,e-paper display industry is bringing a more colorful future to the world.

Future,DKE as iot domain new e-paper display technology supplier,will continue into the colour of electronic paper products and technology research and development,offers a variety of color display technology and full size product,will color paper display to a new height,help promote color electronic paper display in the era of Internet of things of all kinds of fields of application and market demand.

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