Electronic paper display - home health management application under normal epidemic prevention

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Update time : 2022-09-06 12:19:07
During the global normal epidemic prevention and control period,active home self-health management for people with chronic diseases plays a significant role in reducing the risk of disease onset and improving their resistance.
Application of electronic paper monitor for self-scientific management of diabetic patients
A study published in the Lancet,an international comprehensive medical journal,showed that between 20%and 50%of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 had diabetes;The risk of dying from COVID-19 is as high as 50%among people with diabetes.Meanwhile,according to the national coronavirus notification,most of the critically ill patients infected with novel coronavirus were elderly patients with basic diabetes.
Bigfoot Biomedical,a new medical device company,has released its first smart insulin pen cap that combines integrated continuous glucose monitor(iCGM)data with healthcare instructions to simplify critical insulin management for diabetics with multiple daily(MDI)insulin doses by providing insulin dosage recommendations.

The smart insulin pen cap uses an e-paper display as the display interface.The ultra-low power,passive and constantly visible characteristics of e-paper enable the patient to continuously read the dosing data and periodically store and track the readings to detect any problems that may occur.

On top of that,people with diabetes have impaired vision.Electronic paper display has the characteristics of no spontaneous light,no blue light damage and good visibility,which will not interfere with patients'rest,help patients to read the content of the screen,and reduce the burden of diabetes patients in an all-round way.
Application of electronic paper display in home health management under epidemic situation
E-paper displays is different from the LCD screen,even in the case of a power outage can continue to display information,have a kind of paper,comfortable eye,good visibility,and save electricity saving energy and light falling resistance and other properties,not interfere with the patients resting at the same time,very suitable for family health care products and portable wearable display of intelligent medical equipment.
Blood glucose measuring instrument

Using an electronic paper display,the Abbott FreeStyle Precision Neo glucose meter enables continuous patient data reading,ensuring real-time tracking and management of health conditions.

Its paper-like sense and ultra-wide Angle of view are helpful for patients to easily read information content when their vision is impaired.
Artificial intelligence digital stethoscope

FeelixPro artificial intelligence digital stethoscope with e-paper display ensures accurate auscultation and faster diagnosis.

In addition,high-quality audio files can be recorded and screened for playback directly on the stethoscope or online to assess treatment progress and effectiveness.
Physiological measurement watch

Verily Study Watch is a wearable device based on electronic paper display technology and equipped with sensors for non-invasive and continuous monitoring such as ECG and heart rate.

When worn at home under the guidance of a doctor,heart rate monitoring data can be obtained to help diagnose the risk of heart disease.
In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control,the display characteristics of e-paper have brought more innovative applications to the field of home medical care.As a manufacturing service provider of new e-paper display technology in the Internet of Things field,DKE Oriental Komai will continue to make great efforts in e-paper products and technologies to help diversify and innovate the development of intelligent medical care products.
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