The e-paper intelligent curriculum helps upgrade the intelligent management of campus educational administration and teaching

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Author : DKE
Update time : 2022-09-13 17:06:31
Nowadays,the education industry makes use of campus digitization and intelligent construction to enhance the quality of educational administration and teaching management,which is more and more recognized and welcomed.
Especially in universities with more than 1,000 people,the workload of educational administration management is very large,which is related to the good operation effect of the school.Therefore,it is very important to simplify the educational administration work.
Electronic paper class schedule into the campus class management mode upgrade
Course selection and arrangement are common tasks in campus educational administration,which are subordinate to course administration project.Due to the existence of technical barriers,the traditional curriculum form,such as paper printed version or electronic document version,cannot realize the extensive sharing and real-time communication of curriculum information in the first time.

Delta Center of the University of Tartu,the largest university in Estonia in northern Europe,uses 13.3 inch e-paper monitor as the electronic schedule of the classroom,which is connected with the educational administration system,so that students and teachers can update the schedule in time every day and provide the latest course information.If the course information changes,it can be pushed to the client used by teachers and students in the first time without manual notification.
Electronic paper technology enables green environmental protection,convenience and efficiency
The application of e-paper display in the education market,from e-reader,e-paper notebook to smart electronic curriculum,all benefit from e-paper,like traditional paper,which can provide users in the education industry with long-term comfortable and eye-friendly use experience,and also has ultra-low power consumption,green and sustainable dynamic display capability.

The campus electronic curriculum schedule uses electronic paper display as kanban interface,with a wide perspective,high reading like paper,clear and effective display of course information;

Its bistable characteristics allow e-paper curriculum to consume a little power only when the picture is changed,which is not only low-carbon and energy-saving,but also reduces environmental light damage,and optimizes the campus teaching environment and improves the cultural grade.

Electronic paper display with infinite transmission technology,intelligent electronic schedule more personalized information synchronous display content,such as campus map,promotion,information security,etc.,without waste of printing paper and in every classroom or change information booth one by one,make the educational administration work,save a lot of manual labor and time more efficient and convenient.
According to the Foresight Industry Research Institute,it is expected that the penetration rate of China's smart campus construction will reach more than 40%in 2026,which means that smart campus will become the development trend of the future campus.As a manufacturing service provider of new e-paper display technology in the Internet of Things field,DKEwill continue to make great efforts in e-paper products and technology,based on the needs of campus development,and help develop and innovate more high-quality,efficient and convenient campus service application scenarios.
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