Instant retail has arrived, e-paper display to help the rapid development of new consumer scenes

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Update time : 2022-10-24 14:48:34
The Ministry of Commerce has issued the first half of 2022 China's online retail market development report first mentioned in the"instant",and certainly the instant retail as a representative of the emerging of the formats,to promote the advantages of online convenience amplifier,offline intelligent level,online,offline in the depth of fusion has played an important role.
Connecting"people yard"instant retail stands out
The industry's first"Instant Retail Open Platform Model Research White Paper"recently released by China Chain Store Association(CCFA)and Jingdong and Dada pointed out that instant retail has arrived.It is expected that the scale of instant retail will reach 700 billion yuan by 2025,with a CAGR of 28%in 4 years.

Source:White Paper on Instant Retail Open Platform Model Research
Compared with traditional retail,instant retail is characterized by online ordering and offline transaction relying on offline stores or front warehouses,connecting"people,goods and stores",highly satisfying consumer facilitation and immediacy needs.The main categories include fresh food,medicine,daily necessities and so on.

Source:White Paper on Instant Retail Open Platform Model Research
"The rise of instant retail can accelerate the digital transformation process of physical businesses,expand the service radius,expand new users and drive sales growth,"said Hong Yong,an associate researcher at the Ministry of Commerce's Research Institute."As more and more consumers use instant retail to buy,instant retail will continue to accelerate and become a trillion dollar market."
E-paper displays help construct new scenes
Under the instant retail mode,the attention of merchants is settled on the level of efficiency and quality first.Therefore,to promote the development of instant retail,we need Sto focus on many aspects,such as accelerating the digital transformation,improving the intelligent construction of infrastructure such as the Internet of things and intelligent terminal equipment,so as to respond to various needs of users in a timely manner,improve the distribution efficiency,and reduce the cost of stores and front stores.
As an ideal display interface in the Internet of Things field,DKE e-paper display is applied to the new consumption scene under the real-time retail mode.It not only integrates the"multiple"of commodity categories,achieves the"fast"of mode requirements,but also matches the"good"of product quality,and adds the"saving"of time and effort.
Digital retail stores

DKE e-paper displays with ultra-low power consumption,super wide Angle features,can provide two-color,three color and four color color display combination of commodity information,even under the condition of low temperature can also be used in the environment and so on freezer,is everything open Internet interface and retail company to effect the authors,the green low-carbon sustainable development essential display interface.
Intelligent storage management

DKE electronic paper display is applied to storage label,does not spontaneously light,only when the screen is changed,power consumption,battery or battery free solution can be maintained,realize paperless,wireless management.
Efficient background sorting

The warehouse label with LED light flashing prompt,easy to identify the location,accelerate the warehouse staff backstage pick up the speed;With temperature and humidity sensor,can monitor the goods under special storage environment.
Instant retail has become a new retail model,demand scenarios will become more diverse,"everything can be instant retail"is becoming a reality.As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the Internet of Things field,DKE will continue to make great efforts in e-paper products and technology,provide innovative technical support for the new retail format,and promote the green and healthy development of instant retail.
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