The digitalization of catering industry is unstoppable,and the e-paper display boosts the technological change of the industry

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Update time : 2022-11-07 13:48:19
The digitalization of catering industry is unstoppable,and the e-paper display boosts the technological change of the industry
Under the tide of digital economy,exploring the way of digital upgrading has become a general trend of the development of catering industry.With the continuous empowerment of technology,the catering industry is embracing the new digital,intelligent business home.
Diners as the center of the digital transformation of catering

The catering industry is in the golden age.Behind the rapid development of science and technology and the demand of consumption classification,how to reshape the mode of production and operation through digital and intelligent means and how to improve production efficiency with the application of technology are the core barriers for catering enterprises to build competitiveness in the future.

The front office of the restaurant is the most direct contact surface between the catering enterprises and the customers,and the terminal that gives the highest value to the catering products.The most important and ultimate goal of restaurant operation is to improve customer experience in various aspects.Through the application of technology,digital transformation of the store operation links is carried out to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency,and at the same time to assist catering enterprises to provide more efficient,convenient and comfortable catering services to meet customer needs.
E-paper displays help the industry reduce costs and increase efficiency
Technology empowerment is the only way to digital upgrading of catering enterprises.Electronic paper display technology is also constantly penetrating into the catering industry,giving birth to a new industry model and new business form.

Meyers Cafeteria,a Danish food company,uses electronic paper buffet signs to present dishes to customers,while optimizing the efficiency and time of chefs and staff.
Electronic paper buffet sign application of electronic paper display energy-saving light and passive often display characteristics,with wireless transmission technology,can be introduced to food,allergy prevention and other information remote one-key batch update,recycling,so as to reduce the traditional paper replacement and manual replacement of the cost of waste.

Northern Jutland peninsula biggest activity ORR fort meeting venues AKKC restaurant in 2021 focused on green sustainable cultural center,and the digital transformation,the sign installed an electronic 300 paper products,at the same time will be part of the electronic paper is used to display table serial number and the name of the company,can let a guest more quickly and easily understand your choice table features.
Electronic paper catering signs also have electronic paper reflection technology,to ensure that the meal plate and menu in any position at the table or strong light,back light are clearly visible,to create a simple and comfortable atmosphere.

E-paper displays are,therefore,with its unique technical characteristics can assign in the food industry"link","intelligent operation","lean management"and"customer experience"four big application scenarios,booster restaurant industry terminal equipment for new construction,expansion of digital and intelligent transformation results,that green display technology to benefit the entire industry.
"Born in the sun,the number of growth",catering enterprises in the digital empowerment,will be able to steady development.And every catering enterprise to improve competitiveness,to win the new development space behind,all need the strong support of technical force.As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of the Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in the level of e-paper products and technology,to help the restaurant-centered catering industry embrace digitalization,with new vitality.
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