Small Screen,Big effect electronic paper Display--a new way to build green office environment

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Update time : 2022-10-08 15:58:05
In recent years,through the implementation of paperless office and green renovation of office environment,green office has become the new normal,which is an important measure to practice the concept of sustainable development and move towards the"double carbon"goal.
Due to the ultra-low power consumption of e-paper displays,e-paper office application products can perfectly assist enterprises to improve the environment and achieve carbon neutrality,so as to meet the business strategy and digital transformation needs of enterprises.
To build a new way of green office environment
Green renovation of office environment is an effective way to reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of office space.It is also very important to consider how to improve energy efficiency and pay attention to the health of employees.
Let's take a look at how e-paper office application products can work"green","low carbon","scientific"and"healthy"in office space

DKE east branch vein e-paper displays in the field of green wisdom office for all kinds of office scenario,are based on black and white,black and white and red,black and white and yellow electronic paper display module products,through the wireless transmission technology to realize the PC connected to the clouds,in order to obtain information transmitted to the terminal products on display,strong practicability,reduce the manpower cost,environmental protection and energy saving,high-end atmosphere,It has great commercial value.
Enable green office great commercial value
More energy efficient economic benefits
E-paper displays provide smarter,more sustainable solutions that reduce overall carbon emissions and significantly lower energy costs,so direct economic benefits are more visible.
A healthier office environment
Electronic paper display is no backlight,do not hurt the eyes of the display interface,staff in the environment of green equipment will reduce fatigue,this employee-centered office environment design concept,is a healthier office life style.
Enterprise core value realization
Nowadays,the practical concept of sustainable development has become an important part of most corporate culture,and the use and design of green office environment can help enterprises realize the core value of long-term sustainability.
In the future,there will be more enterprises or organizations to join the ranks of green office.As a manufacturing service provider of new e-paper display technology in the field of Internet of things,DKE will continue to make great efforts in e-paper products and technology,help enterprises to achieve their own development at the same time,continue to reduce various energy consumption indicators,and strive to do a good job in the new chapter of green office environment transformation.
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