Many places in the world are in energy crisis. Electronic paper helps energy transition and green development

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Update time : 2022-12-16 18:19:44
The world is in the grip of an energy crisis not seen since the 1970s.Experts pointed out that due to the imbalance between supply and demand,political and economic factors,the serious shortage of energy market is still worsening.
Energy shortages are more acute than the pandemic

The 2022 winter energy crisis is sweeping the world,including 27 EU countries,the United Kingdom,Brazil and India,so far more than 30 countries in the world have been affected by the energy crisis.Manufacturers of energy-intensive products in Asia,Europe and Latin America have seen their profits squeezed and some plants have been temporarily suspended,The Times said.Soaring energy prices around the world have put economic recovery at risk by pushing up production costs and household spending,the Spanish newspaper El Economist reported.

At present,France,Finland,Sweden,Norway,Switzerland and other European countries have issued a warning of power shortage in 2022 winter.The European Council has urgently announced the implementation of three major measures to control energy:from December 1,2022 to March 31,2023,power rationing,price limit,the imposition of windfall profits tax,that is,to reduce electricity consumption by 10%;A cap on generating company revenues;A tax on excess profits generated in the energy sector.
Electronic paper Display:Energy control'obvious advantage'
In the face of global energy shortage,soaring energy prices,industrial shutdown and other problems,controlling energy consumption is an essential means.

Many countries and regions have applied electronic paper products with green and low-carbon properties in various fields of smart city construction as an important means,which has become the key to realize energy conservation and environmental protection.
No"energy consumption"

Unlike LED and OLED displays,e-paper displays continue to display without power and do not require any"energy consumption."
No"waste of resources"

Unlike traditional paper,the e-paper display can be recycled,completely avoiding the waste of resources from deforestation and paper manufacturing to application waste.
No"Electric Operation"

The e-paper display can be operated using solar power,independent of the power grid,easy to install,and significantly reduced maintenance costs after long-term operation.
No"distribution constraints"

E-paper display can operate at-15~10℃and 0~50℃,which is an advantage that liquid crystal display products do not have.It has low power consumption application value at a wide range of temperatures.
From the above perspective,it can be seen that in the field of display technology,e-paper display can effectively reduce energy consumption and promote green energy transformation.As a manufacturing service provider of new e-paper display technology in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technology.With the increasingly mature technology and rapid expansion of application fields,DKE will contribute to the global sustainable development process and produce huge benefits.
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