Sinopec report:The express industry can recycle packaging carbon reduction space is huge electronic paper to help green technology transformation

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Update time : 2022-12-12 11:35:49
Recently,SINOPEC officially released the Research Report on the carbon emission reduction Potential of green Packaging in China's Express delivery Industry from 2021 to 2030.According to the report,if there is no recycling or replacement of packaging generated by the express industry,the cumulative carbon emissions from one-time packaging in China will reach 59.61 million tons from 2021 to 2030,which will be offset by planting trees equivalent to an area of two Beijing cities.
Explore a new scale development model of recyclable packaging
Earlier,eight departments,including the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Post Bureau,issued the Opinions on Accelerating the Green Transformation of Express Packaging,which specified the quantitative targets for the application of recyclable packaging in the next five years.By 2022,the number of recyclable packaging applications will reach 7 million;By 2025,the number will reach 10 million,basically achieving green transformation.
The report once again highlights that the use of recycling packaging not only effectively controls the production of waste throughout the process,but also reduces the carbon emissions caused by single-use packaging materials.At the same time,we will encourage the innovation of technical models in the industry,improve the construction of infrastructure and equipment,and gradually reduce operating costs.
Electronic paper improves the green and intelligent level of logistics
By means of structural design,intelligent identification and data visualization,circular packaging has the features of non-waste packaging recycling,controllable cost reduction,etc.,and can use the technology of big data intelligent analysis and real-time monitoring of the whole process to improve the green and intelligent level of logistics and express industry.

At the Electronica2022 Electronic Components Fair,DKE Oriental,together with its partners,demonstrated how e-paper display modules can be used in smart logistics recyclable packaging labels and sheets,replacing the use of disposable paper labels and significantly reducing packaging and turnover consumables costs and carbon emissions.To help the global logistics industry to reduce consumption,low pollution,low emissions,high efficiency,high efficiency and high efficiency green transformation.

In the process of transportation,with the passive constant display and reflective technology of electronic paper display,information such as the name of goods,destination and transportation status displayed on the recyclable logistics label can also be clearly visible in the case of no power supply,which greatly improves the correctness and operation efficiency of the real-time monitoring of the whole process of recyclable packaging and ensures the safety and efficiency of circulation.

The greening of express logistics not only lies in the continuous innovation and large-scale application of original packaging materials,but also in the long-term persistence and participation of all walks of life.
As a manufacturing and service provider of new e-paper display technology in the field of Internet of Things,DKE DongOrient will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technology,flexibly combine green e-paper display products with upstream and downstream partner solutions,and accelerate the scale development of recyclable packaging with low consumption,high efficiency,energy saving and environmental protection.
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