Rt-mart's"Firework Copy"makes the rounds:E-Paper helps retail marketing in various"open ways"

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Update time : 2023-05-22 13:38:29
Rt-mart's"fireworks copywriter"has recently become a hit.Since the release of Shanghai last year,RT-Fat with a group of very insight copy in the hearts of countless just unsealed netizens,it seems to have found the password of the circle,with a variety of copy constantly out of the circle,do not lose fireworks gas,and resonance.
Electronic paper is used to empower marketing scenarios
Next to every popular search of RT-Mart"Firework Literature",small edition can not only see insight into life,but also see the application of electronic paper display electronic price tag to create an optimized fresh marketing scene,to create a high-quality shopping experience for consumers and create an infinitely better quality of life.
Xiaobian directly above~(with a series of copywriting and scenes)

"Barbecue Literature"series

"Vegetable Factory Slang"series

"Supermarket Top Stream"series

"Cold Palace Vegetables"series
We can see that the electronic price tag beside the"fireworks literature"displays the price,specifications,origin and other information of fresh products from multiple angles in an all-round way,which helps consumers to improve their satisfaction with the scene-oriented shopping experience of fresh products and win attention.
Retailers view digital intelligent business display and information delivery
Unified management and price adjustment
In supermarkets,convenience stores,3C digital stores,fresh fruit stores,drugstores,tobacco hotels and other retail places,shop assistants can adjust unified commodity information through wireless transmission in the background,fast and accurate.

Save a lot of cost
The operation of cyclic refresh improves the management level of retailers,reduces the operation cost of manpower and time,and the cost and dissipation of label management.
In addition,electronic price tags have the characteristics of electronic paper display static display without power consumption.Take 2.13-inch electronic price tags as an example,only two button batteries can be used for more than 5 years,saving a lot of power consumption and environmental protection.

Automatic inventory change
When the retailer's own management system is connected with the price tag management system,the inventory changes on the electronic price tag screen can be realized.With the help of the quick positioning function,the operation personnel can pick goods directly with precise positioning.
Technology-oriented consumption and shopping experience from a consumer perspective
Enhance the sense of interactive use

Consumers can scan the QR code on the electronic price tag,enter the online mall to understand the product information and complete the online order,and merchants can also collect data to analyze consumer habits and preferences,so as to make better store upgrade plans.
Improve the shopping experience

The electronic price tag uses the reflective technology of electronic paper,and the 180-degree ultra-wide viewing Angle improves the range of visibility for consumers,eliminating the discomfort of constantly bending over to read the price tag.
Electronic price tags will not be as easy to fall as paper price tags,so that consumers shopping price confusion.
ESL four-color upgrade DKE E5 series boost retail revitalize"color"
When it comes to electronic price tags,consumers traditionally think of them as'black and white'hand-written cardboard or printed paper that fits neatly into the card slot.

In 2021,the hashtag#Supermarket price tags are electronic screens went viral,and many people found that the original paper price tags had been quietly transformed into small"display screens".
Electronic price tags were born in Europe in the 1980s,and the products themselves have been constantly iterated and updated in the recent decade of vigorous development.The electronic price tags that can be seen on the market mostly apply two kinds of products:black and white two-color electronic paper display,black and white red,black and white yellow three-color electronic paper display and segment code electronic paper display.

This year,a number of well-known new retail solutions in the industry launched a new generation of four-color electronic price tag products,breaking the limitations of electronic price tag display color and display technology all the time,the whole series supports black,white,red,yellow four color combination display,arbitrary collocation,to provide more marketing possibilities for the retail industry.

DKE E5 e-paper displays and models are the ideal choice for the retail industry's four-color electronic price tag marketing display interface.E Ink Spectra 3100 e-ink technology reduces the screen refresh rate and increases the temperature range applicable to yellow and red to support a variety of sizes,high quality,high resolution electronic price tag applications.It can not only meet the ultra-low power consumption,achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection,but also have bright visual performance,it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.
At present,electronic price tags are mainly applied in large supermarkets,fresh supermarkets,boutique stores,traditional chain supermarkets,unmanned convenience stores,jewelry stores,beauty stores,home and life stores,3C electronic stores and other places.There are also different degrees of penetration application in intelligent office,industrial storage,medical pharmacy,intelligent manufacturing and other fields.The application development of electronic price tag has brought a broader imagination space.
In the era of 5G Internet of Things,it is an inevitable trend for electronic price tags to replace traditional paper labels as information display tools.As a manufacturing service provider of e-paper display technology in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technology,bring more possibilities for the development of electronic price tag market,and create greater benefits and value.
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