Under the goal of carbon neutrality,e-paper displays boost the future of smart"carbon"in the whole house

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Update time : 2022-09-20 09:39:11
With the development of 5G and the Internet of Things,whole-house intelligence is gradually becoming the smart choice for homes and offices.This is not only out of the pursuit of convenient life,but also people's awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction has gradually increased.
Intelligent carbon reduction,whole house intelligence to make life better
With the development of society,energy consumption in homes and offices will continue to rise,and power experts estimate that China wastes up to 200 billion KWH of energy every year due to inefficient use of energy,resulting in huge carbon emissions.

The whole house smart home system has natural energy-saving,convenient and comfortable attributes.Through the smart home equipment,the use of indoor appliances can be understood and remotely controlled at any time,and the value of indoor temperature,air,lighting and other aspects can be reduced to the maximum extent,so as to achieve the optimal power load and smart living plan.

Such as through the use of intelligent temperature controller,control the indoor temperature and operation mode,keep the indoor temperature in the most comfortable;Through the use of intelligent hygrometer,a comprehensive sense of indoor and outdoor PM2.5,carbon dioxide,oxygen content,temperature and humidity and other air quality indicators,intelligent linkage purification equipment,realize the dynamic optimization of indoor air quality.

Insiders have made a rough calculation,if the indoor space of more than 100 square meters installed in the whole house smart home,every day can save about 4 degrees of electricity,summer cooling can save 50 degrees of energy per month,winter heating can save nearly 200 degrees of energy per month,a year can save 1440 degrees of electricity,emissions of 1435.68 kilograms of carbon dioxide,That's the equivalent of planting 80 trees.(State Forestry Administration data:a tree can absorb and store 4~18 kg of carbon dioxide per year)
*The above figures are for reference only.The actual situation may vary with different whole-house smart solutions.
Electronic paper displays power the future of carbon cables
In recent years,the types of smart devices in the whole house are increasing,and their dimensions are also changing.Because of its bistable and reflective characteristics,e-paper display is an ideal interface for whole-house intelligent display,such as temperature control center,electrical control button,temperature and humidity sensor,PM2.5 and formaldehyde sensor,intelligent health calendar,etc.
As iot domain new electronic paper display technology supplier,DKE east branch vein can provide professional wisdom and intelligence community as a whole family of solutions for equipment offers a variety of types and sizes of electronic paper product selection,make different whole house intelligent scene,implementation of a variety of wisdom to work at the same time,improve safety,convenience,comfort,artistry,And realize energy saving and environmental protection.
DKE standard epd products

DKE standard dot matrix electronic paper display has many characteristics,such as ultra-low power consumption,paper-like feeling,no blue light for eye protection,lightweight,ultra-wide view,etc.It is very suitable for diverse whole-house intelligent application scenarios,such as 1.5 inch,2.9 inch,3.7 inch,5.83 inch,10.2 inch,etc.,which are ideal for home or office environment.
DKE segment code products

The DKE segment code e-paper display has the characteristics of bistable,low power consumption and flexibility,and can be customized according to the actual application scenarios of the whole house intelligence.No matter the shape,size,or the format and style of graphic display,it can provide perfect solutions.
In the context of the Internet of everything,every connected device can achieve energy saving and emission reduction through intelligent control and management.In the future,DKE Oriental Komai will continue to make great efforts in electronic paper products and technologies to help realize a better life and comprehensive intelligence,and at the same time,continue to contribute to the social carbon neutral cause.
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