DKE(Fushen)Co.,Ltd.won the honor list of free blood donation in Jiaxing in 2022

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Update time : 2023-02-07 15:33:04
On January 28,2023,the 4th edition of Jiaxing Daily published the"2022 Jiaxing Blood Donation Honor List"jointly approved by Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee,Jiaxing Municipal Government and the Municipal Red Cross Society,and Zhejiang Fusheng Technology Co.,Ltd.was honored on the list.

Voluntary blood donation is a vivid embodiment of the socialist spirit of selfless dedication,an enterprise's active responsibility for social responsibility,and an individual's honorable obligation to actively perform.In September 2022,Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co.,Ltd.actively responded to the Red Cross Society of Xitang Town,Jiashan County,Jiaxing City,calling on and organizing employees to participate in the unpaid blood donation activity.56 employees made appointments,physical examinations and donated blood,among which 23 employees donated blood successfully,with a total amount of 6,960 ml of blood donated.They kept their lives alive with drops of"blood",explained their love and responsibility with practical actions,contributed to the society,and passed on DKE positive energy.

Blood is limited,the truth is priceless.In the future,Zhejiang Fusheng Technology Co.,Ltd.will cherish this honor,continue to inspire employees to pay attention to and participate in blood donation,continue the love,and form a harmonious fashion of"dedication,friendship,mutual help,progress"in the enterprise,with our ordinary actions to show the spirit of Kemai people,to pass the positive energy of social welfare.
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